Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Charge to the Healthy Congregation Committee


The mission of the Healthy Congregation Committee (HCC) is to:

HCC Members:

Members The HCC will include a minimum of three members of the congregation. In addition, a BOT member will serve as a non-voting liaison, and a Minister will serve on the committee as a voting ex-officio member. Training for the HCC team shall be identified as an expense in the budget.

Conflict of interest

HCC members may find that they cannot be impartial concerning an issue brought to the HCC. If this is the case the member will excuse him/herself from participating in the issue.

Consensus Process

The HCC will strive to make decisions by consensus. If two thirds of the HCC decides that an immediate decision must be made, they may revert to voting. A two-thirds majority is then necessary for any action.


The nominating committee will nominate candidates for the HCC. The nominations must be approved by the BOT and the candidates elected by a vote of the congregation. To be nominated for the HCC, a candidate must be a member of the congregation in good standing. The ex-officio BOT liaison shall be appointed by the BOT. The ex-officio minister will be appointed by the lead minister who may appoint her/himself.


Each member will serve for three years. Terms will begin on July 1 and end on June 30.

Members may return to the team after one year off. The terms for the ex-officio members are one year with no limit for the number of consecutive terms.

The BOT may appoint interim members to the committee as needed if the workload becomes too great, if an HCC member must recuse him/herself from an issue or if an HCC member resigns. Interim members will serve for a term not exceeding one year which expires on June 30. If the HCC team is actively resolving a conflict that extends past June 30 in a given year, to insure continuity, HCC team members who are engaged in the resolution of the conflict, may remain on the HCC team, with approval of the BOT, until the issue is resolved.

Change history:

Approved by the Board of Trustees on 3/16/2010

Amended on 12/21/10, 9/19/11