April 2013

Dear Parent

After a short but very busy Spring term, I enclose a copy of the Spring edition of the Chase Grammar News and your child’s report.

Name Change

We are grateful for the many positive comments we have received from parents about the name change and the new logo. We are gradually changing all our documentation to include the new name and logo.


We hope that you have seen progress with the formation of the new flowerbeds. Weather permitting the planting of the main areas in school will be completed shortly. The new shrubs and trees will soften the new beds that have been created and further improve our environment.


Some of you are already following us on Twitter at Chase Grammar@ChaseGrammar. We are using this as an additional means of communication although we still use email as our primary method of communication with parents.


We very much appreciate your support in maintaining our high standards of dress. If your child is in Year 11-13 please would you ensure that they are wearing suits to school. These should be black, dark grey or navy blue.

However confused the weather, we like our students to look their best, even when Summer uniform is announced. Senior students may remove blazers and jumpers but the jumper may not be worn without the blazer.

End of Term Church Services and Speech Day

Thank you for supporting these events so well, they are an important and integral part of school life. These school sessions are published in the term dates and are compulsory for students. Although it is possible for children to be excused from these events, permission is only likely to be granted for very special family events, namely weddings and funerals. As with requests for holidays in term time, please seek my permission in writing before making any firm bookings.

Public Examinations

If your child has public exams in the coming months, please  support and encourage them to start revision as early as possible and stress the importance of planning and prioritising studies over the next few months. The examinations begin almost immediately on our return to school after the break. Details of study leave have already been sent home and the dates are on the calendar on the school website. When study leave has started, students may come into school as usual. Rooms for study will be provided and teaching staff are available for additional support. Dates for Study leave are on the school calendar.


There is the inevitable annual increase in fees which takes effect from September. This year the increase is approximately 3.6%, keeping us highly competitive compared with other schools. A copy of the new fees list is enclosed.

Summer Term begins on Monday 15 April. I look forward to an exciting summer term. Thank you for your continued support.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

MD Ellse MA(Cambridge), CPhys, MInstP, PGCE