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Kim Manning                                                                Date:

Writing  Guidelines: Conventions  of  Formal  Written  English

1. Revised and final drafts write double-spaced (on every second line)

2. Use blue or black ink  

3. The margins at the top and bottom of the page should be left blank (except writing the assignment title and/or your name on the top line of the page)

4. Indent the first line of each paragraph (approximately 5 -letter spaces from the margin) 

5. All other lines must be written right up against the left hand margin  

6. If you choose to print you must use upper and lower case letters correctly  (see back of this page) --including the size of letters

7. The letters "i" and "j" must be correctly "dotted,"  and "t's"  crossed

8. Do not use the word you (use a specific noun or the pronoun one )

9. It is preferable to avoid contractions, that is, write words out in full.                  For example,  avoid:  don't    better:  do not

10.  Do not begin a sentence with a preposition. For example,  So, Well

11. Hyphenate only between syllables

12.  If referring to an author never refer to an author by only his or her first name (after using both names, you may then refer to an author by just his or her surname)

13. Punctuate titles correctly:

        a. Underline (no quotation marks): titles of books; magazines; newspapers; plays; movies; T.V. shows; albums

        b. "Quotation marks" (no underlining):  titles of chapters; articles; songs; poems; stories