OpenStreetMap Contributor Terms

Draft 0.1

This is a reconstruction of Draft 0.1 made verbatim from document revision history. It was drafted around or before June 2009.

This is a page is presented to contributors when they register. For legal reasons, this must be in French and Italian as well as English, French and Italian. Other versions will be added as resources permit:

1. You agree to only add contents for which you are the copyright holder or that you have explicit permission from the copyright holder to submit the content.

I.e Rule 1: No copyright violation! We may need some extra text to say that bulk contributors cannot exert extra conditions that conflict with 2 or the ODbL.

2. You grant the OSM Foundation a copyright and database rights license under the YYYY license below.  In this case "The Licensor" is you, the Contributor, and "You" is the OSM Foundation.

These terms are deliberately less restrictive/constrictive than the ODbL so that end users can be clear that it is the ODbL that they must obey.  We may additional add a VERY brief plain language summary of the main conditions (worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive, ...)

3. The OSM Foundation agrees to use or sub-license the content only under the terms of one of the following licenses: ODbL 1.0, CC-BY-SA 2.0, or another free and open license chosen by a vote of the OSM Foundation membership (define basic standards for voting here).

Ulf comments: There is a case to be made for allowing active contributors to vote regardless of membership. Notably for the Wikipedia license change, all contributors who had been registered for a certain time and made a certain number of edits were allowed to vote. I think such a policy can help to gain the users' trust, and is unlikely to actually change the outcome of the vote.

4. The OSM Foundation agrees to optionally attribute you or the copyright holder. A web page is provided for this purpose at xxxx.

This deals with the main condition of many bulk organisational contributors and also provides a potential feel-good factor for individual contributors.

This is the complete text of the ODC Database Contents License. Please scroll down to the bottom and indicate your acceptance.

This English version is binding. Informal translations in other languages are provided here xxxx for guidance.

[full text of ODCL (or as decided) in English]

Our OSMF lawyer recommends putting the full text here rather than making a link to it.