Happy Birthday, Robot!

A storytelling game of beautiful, childlike wonder. And probable horror.


SquidLord :                                 HHH HHH TT

Nelal :                                  HHH HHH TTT T

NascentSelf:                                 HHT TTT THH H

Eric the .5b :                                 HHH HHH



Happy birthday, Robot!

Robot loved to eat and wash the human baby flesh, but the diapers scared him.

Robot never wore living diapers, but Sénor FreakAY Robot likes to.

He’s new to the household, but he’s a complete nutball perv.

Reanimated dead French frogs make great living diapers and hats for new, freakAY robots.

“Sénor FreakAY! You are being terminated!”

Ms. Simóns didn’t like terminating diaper loving robots, and hated frogs even more...but whatever.

Sénor FreakAY Robot and his reanimated frog diaper is HISTORY - but the froghat yet lives!

Vengeance-crazed and horny, the froghat stabbed the Robot-assassin, Ms. Simóns, the whore!

Robot’s froghat bellowed out, “whore, whore, whore,as Simóns dispatched him quickly.

The robots around Simóns all fell and burned, but their diapers simmered.

Flaming green shreds fell limply earthbound, like silent tears.


Stinky green earth melted around her whore, whore, whore eyes.

Strangely, Robot is very happy: he got his birthday wish today.

All the other robots were finally, finally gone.

Robot could freely prance about hatless - naked!


SquidLord :                         HHH HHT TTT HHH H        

Nelal :                                HHH HHH H

Kiyomi:                        HHH HHH HHH HHH HH                *

NascentSelf:                 HHT HHH HHH HHH HHH

Eric the .5b :                         HHH HHH HH

Free Word: Unicorn


Rainbow unicorn attack!

Unfortunately for poptarts, scientists discovered a relationship between moon bananas, CERN, jellyfish and unicorns.

Vive la Unicorn Revolution - exterminate the cats but don’t spill the litter!!!

Stinky Bolshevik unicorns strike, horrah, but the Catzis struck back!

Soon, drunken, bolshie Unicorns lewdly and cruelly harnessed the wife of Sir. Higgs Boson!

“Damn Unicorns are God the Father!” Boson shouted and thundered.

 Cuckolded, Boson and Catzis plotted spoogied revenge.

It would be a beautiful rainbowed Unicorn bukake mess for proletariat and pleasure! 

A warm, frothy, and sticky Unicorn second coming, in the Catzis’ face!                                     oxford comma 4-Evah

The Catzis sent Unicorns fun poisoned living poptarts, who were unhappy.

The Unicorns laughed - soon Jesus was coming.

Unsurprisingly, Lady Boson joined in the defamation of Unicorns, but their spoogie was best.

Particle Jesus would have no mercy on unbelievers - to the BANANA moon! 

CERN’s jellyfish orgies ROCK HARD hence you’ll certainly EXPLODE, but the Unicorns invade!!

Unicorns and Catzis, slathered in preheated, bulk Vaseline(tm), made love.

The poptarts then destroyed Everything, except Lady Boson, but Jesus’ birth punched reset.

Jesus’ umbilical punch spread spoogie through the universe , causing climactic bursts of new worlds.

He revealed his King of Kings thigh tattoo proclaiming, "Harmony... or to the MOON!"

The Unicorns, now shoggoths, returned to their Antarctic base, bathed in snow-spooge.

Lady Boson sighed, bored, and went on Craigslist.

And none ever can understand what happened.