Hours of Operation                                           


OPEN ALL HOLIDAYS, except Christmas day and Easter day.

Open snow days and weekends.   Offer care for 2nd and 3rd shift.

Sundays open after 12:30pm, so that I may attend church.

Option 1: Up to 12 hours a day, 5x a week

6:00 am to 6:00 pm M-F


Custom times can be made for weekend or 2nd and 3rd shift care. I realize that there are some parents that need child care when most places are not open. I can watch your child up to 12 hours, 5 times a week, on a customized regular schedule. Example: Wednesday – Sunday from 2:oop – 11:30p, or MWFSS 9p-7:30a.  


Option 2: After school Care

3:00 pm to 6:00 pm M-F


If you need your child to stay longer that 6:00pm, then you have to choose a “part time” (see below) or full time rate.


Option 3: Single Day Rates

Up to 6 hours a day (see tuition link for rates)


    Or up to 12 hours a day


This is a “parent’s day out” type of rate for an unexpected or special occasion. It can be an option for snow days or for a date night. I can watch your child at night while you go out; or if you and a friend want to go shopping during the day, then I can watch her/his child too. If you have an emergency at work and needed me on a one of your child’s days off then this would be the rate for that irregular day.  There MUST BE prior notification and acceptance; I do NOT offer “drop in” care.      


If you need part-time care, i.e. 1-4x a week; then you can set up a customized regular schedule and your rate would be the 12 hr single day rate times the days that you schedule.