The Quick Draw track measurement system contains everything you need to draw and mark 10 foot lines on a WFTDA regulation track in just minutes!  Everything is pre-measured, just attach the chalk wand and go!  Take some time to read through these instructions to familiarize yourself with the process before you begin, it won’t take long!

Parts list:

  1. Measurement blocks with string
  2. Chalk wand with string
  3. Extension string
  4. (Optional)  Laminated 10ft marker sheet!

Track Setup

  1. Extend all measurement ropes in the center of the track,
  2. Set up the measurement blocks with the rope between them fully extended.  The knot in the rope is the dead center of the track.
  3. Pull the rope gently  taut, and ensure the blocks are 90 degrees to the string by using the alignment marking on each block.The hooks will represent the centers of the track borders, and the string between them will ensure that they are the appropriate distance apart.  It is recommended that you mark underneath each hook with chalk or tape in case the blocks get moved.

  1. To draw the borders for the turns, complete the following steps:
  1. Have a volunteer stand on the measurement block you are working with in order to secure the base.  Start with the hook marked “INSIDE”.  Hook the end of the string attached to the chalk wand onto this hook, and walk to where the pivot line (or where the 90 foot line for turns 3 and 4) belong.  Ensure the string is parallel to the block, and make an “X” at the point where the string is taut.  This  will be needed to draw the straight sections later.

  1. Holding the string taut with the chalk, draw the inside border.  Stop when the string is parallel to the block on the other side.  Make an “X” here as well.
  2. Perform the previous two steps using the “OUTSIDE” hook, however this time insert the extension string between the chalk wand string and the measurement block to set the outside radius.  This will create your outside border, offset by 1 foot per WFTDA regulations.

  1. Repeat step 4, but this time on the other end of the track.  You will now have all of the turns drawn!
  2. (OPTIONAL STEP)  Complete the following if 10 foot markings are desired.
  1. Ensure that the measurement blocks are still at the centers of the corners.
  2. Attach the extension string to the “INSIDE” hook, and attach the chalk wand string to it.
  3. Place the laminated 10ft marker down with the “CENTER” directly underneath the “INSIDE” hook.  Line the bottom of the marker up with the block.

  1. Have a volunteer hold the measurement block down while you pull the string taut.  Walk along the turns, stopping each time the string lines up with a 10 foot marker on the back of this sheet.  This is where each 10 foot line should be drawn!  There are two marks that are three feet apart on the chalk wand string, when taut these should line up so that you can draw a 10 foot mark in the center of the track.
  2. Repeat for the other end of the track
  1. To finish drawing the track, you can use the string between the measurement blocks to draw straight lines between the “X” marks at the ends of each corner.  Do this by pulling the string taut between the “X” marks and tracing along it with the chalk.
  2. (OPTIONAL STEP)  Complete the following if 10 foot markings are desired.
  1. The extension string has two markings on it that are 10 feet apart.  Starting from the pivot line (or 90 foot line if working on the other side of the track) measure 10 feet back, and make a mark
  2. The chalk wand string can be used to place the 10 foot markings in the center (just place the chalk end on the inside line, and extend the string across the track to use the markings on the string), or they can be eyeballed.
  1. Congratulations!  You’ve drawn a track!  Lay down some rope and tape to finish it off.  The Kickin’ Edge Track Daddy works exceedingly well for this purpose as it can lay down the rope AND the tape at the same time.  Just push along the lines!