OpenStreetMap Foundation

Communications Working Group Meeting


21st March 2011,

21:00- GMT (22:00 - CET)



Present: Richard Weait, Harry Wood, Hurricane Coast,

Apologies: Charlotte Wolter, Oliver

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Adoption of previous minutes

Previous minutes: Propose:


None opposed

Previous minutes were not discussed.

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Any other business

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Web site skinning

Harry has a theme for the wordpress blog and is working on a skin for the wiki which will make it match this design

This blog theme could be deployed now, but we decided it would be better to deploy both at the same time (when the wiki work is done)

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Blog went multilingual

The wordpress blog went multilingual! (a little bit) We got somebody to do some translations, making use of the installed multilingual features of the blog. Thanks to Daniel Begin who translated one blog post, and also the ‘about’ page into French.

We observed that comments are separated for different languages (if a french person comments on the french translation of the blog, it doesn’t show up on the English one)

We discussed whether translations needed to be checked in any way.  In an ideal world yes, but at this stage we’ll have to trust our translators to translate the English version of the blog accurately. Hopefully people will report/comment pretty quickly if something is amiss in the translations.

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Static page text

All to review draft text that Charlotte provided.  


Next meeting.

Monday 14th March 2011,

2100BST, 2200CET, 1600EDT, 2000UTC 1400MDT

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