the yaan

The eBENCH looks a good place to spend most of today. I’m sitting here with the rain falling and rumbling noises of hidden thunders. Leo, the horse, is looking miserable. His raincoat is soaked and so is he. Its a different kind of morning is this Sunday. We are on flood watch, as they call it.

The photo challenge of the week is MORNING so I shall stay focussed on the mornings of my life here in Raleigh. Not as exotic as some of the Blogs I check out but I am finding the fascinations of thinking little and living little.

This morning, I knew they were predicting rains and possible flooding. The Red Chook and the Black Chook were at the glass doors trying to gain entry. The lorikeets were bedraggled and hanging around for longer than usual on their feeding rail. One is still there late in the afternoon. It’s a little Scaley Breasted Lorikeet.

First thing this morning, we spotted the tractor next door at a strange angle. Sure enough, it was bogged. The ground is very wet, It took another tractor to get it out.

I headed out briefly to a meeting at Raleigh Hall but was glad to be home because its cold and wet and the roads are getting thin layers of water across them. The front paddock is shimmering and now and then a downpour brings water flowing across the verandahs.

The chooks are still trying to get in. Leo still looks miserable.

As for me, I have a hot juice made from local citrus, a bowl of vegetable soup from the Bello Foodbox ingredients and I am about to turn the heater on, have a  hot shower and get into pyjamas and wait till the morning before I even think of venturing out again.

P.S. I also have home baked ginger cookies courtesy Julie and choc chip courtesy Craig.