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Mother’s Name______________________  Father’s Name_________________________

 High School Attended____________________________________________________

College (if applicable)_____________________________________________________

  Year in School (2012/13)  (circle one)  Fr   So   Jr   Sr       College_________________

 Sponsor’s Name_________________________________________________________


 Sponsor’s Name_____________________________________________________


We hereby give consent and release to Westfair to use and publish quotes, names, address and photographs of the undersigned participant in advertisement promoting Westfair and the Westfair Queen Pageant.

I hereby release Westfair from any and all claims resulting there from.

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Applicant’s Signature                                Date

We hereby release Westfair and any and all claims of said minor child or on their own right resulting there from.

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Parent/Guardian Signature                        Date

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Note:  Please include sponsor’s fee of $100.00.  Mail sponsor’s check, application, consent form, and personal information to Deb Stephenson.  1415 High St., Council Bluffs, IA 51503.  This information should reach Deb by April 13, 2012.



  1. Applications must be typed.  


  1. Applicant must be 16 years old and not more than 21 years age by the first day of the Iowa State Fair.

  1. Applicant must reside in the county she represents or in an adjoining county if the majority of her activities are in the county she represents.  Additional information about this can be found in the Iowa State Fair Rules.

  1. Applicant must never have been married or have had children.  If she is selected queen, she can not marry during her reign.

  1. Applicants must display leadership qualities.  

  1. Eligibility is not limited to 4-H membership.

  1. A release form must be filled out, signed, and included with application in order to be eligible to compete.

  1. Five individual wallet size or larger photographs scanned or mounted to five 8” x 11” paper (name printed at top) must be included with application form. Single close-up photos are preferred.  Photos will not be returned.

  1. Contestants are required to find a local business or individual that will agree to sponsor them.  The sponsor will agree to pay a $100.00 entry fee.  Sponsorship checks should be made out to Westfair.  Contestant may have two sponsors each contributing $50.00.The sponsor’s name and the check must be returned with the application form by April 13.  

  1. The winner in each category MUST BE available at all times during fair week, July 25 – July 29, 2012.

  1. Failure to comply with any of the previous rules will require relinquishing of title and awards.  NO REFUNDS AFTER ENTRY RECEIVED.

Mail application, photographs, release form, and sponsor’s check by April 13, 2012 to:

                        Deb Stephenson

                        1415 High Street

                        Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Cell-  402-639-3405


1.  The Westfair Queen will be selected by a panel of 5 judges.

2.  Judging for Queen, 1st and 2nd Runner-up, and Miss Leadership will be based on the             following points:

        A.  Charm, Poise and Appearance                        30 pts.

        B.  Leadership abilities and activity involvement        30 pts.

        C.  Personality and Attitude                                30 pts.

        D.  Participation –Punctuality                                10 pts.

TOTAL                                                  100 pts.

3.  Miss Congeniality will be chosen by ballot among the candidates.

4.  For the title of “Miss Citizenship” each contestant must write an essay of 200 words or more    about “Why I Am Proud to be an American Citizen”.  The essay is to be read in front of the panel of judges.  Two copies will be needed on Judging Day.  Please do not send these to the committee ahead of time.

5.  Each contestant should be prepared to appear in the following dress as called upon:

A.  Dress or Suit - Personal interview

                B.  Business Casual - Reading of citizenship essay & group interview

                C.  Evening Gown - Banquet and Coronation

6.  An escort for the banquet and coronation must be chosen by the candidates.

7.  The winner of the Westfair Pageant will be crowned “Miss Westfair” Wednesday, July 25, 2012. This will take place at the Westfair Amphitheater.  Awards will include the following:

           Crown & Sash                                        Farm Bureau Scholarship    

         Cash Award                                           Bouquet of Roses        

Trophy                                                  Lifetime Westfair Membership

8.  1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up will receive the following:

         Cash        Award                 Trophy                 Sash        

9.  Miss Leadership and Miss Citizenship will receive the following:

 Cash        Award                                           Trophy          

 Sash                                                 Farm Bureau Scholarship

10.  Miss Congeniality will receive the following:

 Cash        Award                 Trophy         Sash

11.  Important Dates: (Attendance Required)

Orientation Meeting -  May 30, 2012 @ Lewis Central H.S.

Portraits – T.B.A.

                Judging Day - Saturday, July 21, 2012 - TBA

                Banquet - Sunday Evening, July 22, 2012 - TBA

                Coronation - Wednesday, July 25, 2012– Westfair Amphitheater

                Dance Practices – T.B.A.



Using the information requested below, please create a resume of yourself for the judging panel.  Resumes must be typed, spelled correctly, and neat.  Do not include this page as part of the resume.  This information will be giving to the judges prior to judging day and will be your first impression to them.  Include 5 copies of your resume with one picture page for each copy.

  1. School Activities – High School years only  (sports, music, drama, etc. - List leadership positions)

  1. Community Activities (church & civic organizations, volunteer positions – List leadership positions)

  1. Honors Won

  1. Hobbies and Special Interests

  1. Plans for the future (Give details of the coming year and five years from now)