490 Long Pond Rd

Plymouth, MA 02360

Ms. Katrina Kennett

Plymouth South High School

490 Long Pond Rd

Plymouth, MA 02360

June 8, 2011

Dear Ms. Kennett,

Introduction - This is where you explain what book you read and what important ideas you focused on. Briefly outline your project and explain its intellectual success. In one sentence, give an overall reason why you succeeded during this unit and what your grade should be (this should be the last sentence of your introduction).

Process Paragraph: What grade should you personally get and why? Reflect on the process of the project. Explain what you contributed - both intellectually and in the group work itself. Refer to attached documents (your pieces of process you’ve compiled). Talk about yourself and how you did what you did. Focus on your strengths, and how they helped you. Discuss a weakness and how you overcame it. Then conclude on a sentence that sums up the paragraph and explains why you should get that grade.

Project: What grade should the group get on the project? How does the form of your project connect to the book? How does it make the reader/viewer/player think? (a very important question to answer!) What about it makes it worthy of a final project? How did the group work together - was this the best project they could have created? What challenges did you have, did you over come them, and how? Conclude on a sentence that sums up the entire project and the grade you think it deserves.

Conclusion - Bringing everything together, use your strengths and weaknesses in this project to convince me what number grade you should receive and why. Include any last notes about what you’ve learned about yourself and how equipped you are to go into next year. End on a note that is powerful and captures you as a student!


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