Basic Skills Committee By-laws

Mission Statement of Committee:

Cañada College is committed to empowering students with basic skills needs by teaching them the necessary academic skills, counseling them about educational and career opportunities, and providing them with necessary academic support.(ASGC-review mission to relate to reflect processes)

Program SLOs

          Students can use the reading, writing, and computation skills necessary to succeed in transfer level courses

          With the assistance of a counselor, students will develop a Student Educational Plan by identifying and assessing educational opportunities at Cañada College

          Students can use the study skills necessary to succeed in transfer level courses


On a programmatic level, at Cañada College, basic skills courses are typically those courses in reading, writing, math, learning skills, study skills, English as a Second Language, and information literacy that are below college-level transfer.

Committee Goals

          In concert with the appropriate campus stakeholders, evaluate the progress being made toward the accomplishment of the objectives stated in the BSI Action Plan and act as a resource for those implementing the planned actions

          Conduct annual review of the BSI Action Plan and Long-Term Goals, and recommend amendments as necessary

          Inform the campus and community about basic skills concepts, programs, resources, programs, and practices, and continue to integrate basic skills into the campus culture

          Enhance collaboration and communication between student services and instruction and among all programs and services related to basic skills

          Establish and sustain  basic skills instruction and advising at all levels of the institution; collaborate with departments to survey and implement effective instructional practices

          Support plans and programs that facilitate student transition to college

          Celebrate achievements accomplished by students, faculty, staff, and programs in areas related to basic skills



A quorum shall be formed with a simple majority of the members present. In the event the Chair is not present, the Vice‐Chair will preside. If the Vice-Chair is not present, the Secretary will preside or will designate someone else to preside.  

Committee Leadership

The BSI Committee shall have a Chair who will be a faculty/staff representative. The chair will be elected by a majority of the committee members.  The Faculty Chair and Secretary shall serve a two-year term with an option for re-appointment by the Senate.

Appointment of Members

The Academic Senate will appoint all faculty members to the committee; the Senate will work collegially with the committee Chair in this appointment process. Administrative representatives will be appointed by the administration.  The voting members of the BSI Committee shall consist of one representative from each of the divisions or areas:

1.       Student representative                    (does s/he go here or below?)                                                      

2.       Basic Skills Writing Faculty                                

3.       Basic Skills Reading Faculty                               

4.       Basic Skills Math Faculty

5.       CTE Faculty Representative                            

6.       ESL Faculty                              

7.       Library Faculty                                                       

8.       TRIO/EOPS/College Readiness  

9.       Learning Support Center                                  

10.    Counseling Faculty                                                              

11.    Non-Basic Skills Faculty

12.    Instruction Administrative Representative                                                                               

13.    Student Services Administrative Representative

Of these representatives, the committee will make every attempt to include at least one adjunct faculty member.

In addition to the above voting members, the committee will appoint a student representative; this student preferably will be an individual who is currently or has recently been enrolled in a basic skills course or related program. However, any Canada  student can serve in this position.


Special meetings of the BSI shall have 24 (At least 72 hours before a regular meeting-Brown Act (ASGC) -hour notice, including a binding agenda with specific description of each item of business to be transacted or discussed at the meeting.


Subcommittees of the Basic Skills Task Force will be formed on  an ad hoc basis to accomplish specific tasks, as charged by the Academic Senate,  or as seen appropriate. These subcommittees may be formed from volunteers of the

Basic Skills Task Force, or by open invitation to faculty


The Basic Skills Task Force is a standing committee of the Academic Senate, and, therefore, is subject to the Brown Act and meetings will be conducted according to the most current publication of Robert’s Rules of Order.


Amendments to these Bylaws may be made with a two‐thirds (2/3) majority vote of the committee members in attendance. Amended bylaws will be forwarded to the Academic Senate or their approval.  


Friday Breakout: Effective Meetings: Robert's Rules and Brown Act (Ppt)

Friday Breakout: Effective Meetings: Robert's Rules and Brown Act (Handout 1)

Friday Breakout: Effective Meetings: Robert's Rules and Brown Act (Handout 2)


Friday Breakout: Effective Meetings: Robert's Rules and Brown Act (Ppt)

Friday Breakout: Effective Meetings: Robert's Rules and Brown Act (Handout 1)

Friday Breakout: Effective Meetings: Robert's Rules and Brown Act (Handout 2)

Chair Responsiblities

Add:  Change:   Committee Leadership:  “the chair will be confirmed by a majority of the committee”

Voting Members Fall 2012/Spring 2013

1.  Student

2.  BS Writing  Salumeh Eslamieh

3.  BS Reading  Yolanda Valenzuela

4.  BS Math   Mike Hoffman

5.  CTE Faculty Rep.  Paul Nass

6.  ESL Faculty  Jenny Castello

7.  Library  Michelle Morton

8.  TRIO/EOPS/College Readiness Rafael Delgado

9.  Learning Support Services  Rita Sabbadini

10.  Counseling  Michelle Mendoza

11.  Non-Basic Skills Faculty  Alison Field

12.  Instructional Administrative  David Johnson

13.  Student Services Administrative   Kim Lopez

Chair doesn’t represent an area; Chair doesn’t normally vote but can vote in the case of a tie