Teacher's Name: _____Nicole DeSalvia_______           Observer: ________________________

Class Taught: ____Zumba _________               Date: _____4/20______________________

Lesson Focus: ____To teach students how to successfully execute 3 moves associated with Zumba- the que te mueve, salsa travel, and reggaeton

Directions: Write down the statements the teacher makes to the entire class, not to groups or individuals, about motor skills - not about behavior or management. At times you may need to abbreviate but try to capture the intent of the meaning. When the lesson is over, classify each statement as informing (task), extending (tasks), refining (cues), or applying (challenges), then graph the statements in the order in which they occur.

Example: 1. Throw the ball at a target on the wall (Inform)

1.  When I start the music I want you guys to grab a card and perform the activity on it – Task / Inform

2. Alright guys, finish your move and bring it on in- Task/Inform

3.  Get in two lines- Task /inform

4.  Hands on our  hips, 1, 2, 3, touch- Cues / Refining

5. Do that to the music- Task / Inform

6.  Open hips, 1, 2, 3, Touch- Cues / refining

7.  Add the arms- Challenge / Apply

8.  Stomp, Stomp, Stomp- Cues / refining

9.  Back to lines and do Reggaeton- Task / Inform

10.  Stomp, skate, stomp, skate- Cues / refining

11.  Add the arms- Challenge  / Apply

12.  1, 2, 3,  touch (salsa travel)- Cues / refining

13.   Do salsa travel- Task / Inform

14.  Add arms and Hips- Challenge / Apply

15.  Dance off!- Challenge / Apply