I am glad that you have chosen to take advantage of Google's amazing services.  By creating a Google Account, you will automatically be signed up for a new Gmail account.  If you are like many of us, you have a number of email addresses.  Don't worry, you can learn to forward them to your new Gmail address later.  While your Gmail address will become your default email for your Google account, you can always add other email addresses to your account at any time.  Let's get started:

Step One

Go to http://www.google.com

Step Two

Under the "Sign in" fields click on "Sign Up"

Step Three

Fill in your first and last name. Next, it is time to create your login name.  This is the name prior to the @ in your new gmail address.  You have to be creative because your name is most likely taken.  Click in the next field to see if your login name is unique.  If it isn't, Google advise you to try another and suggest names.  You can simply try entering something else.  This time, try appending your name with your school name, room number or something else unique to you. 

Step Four

Make up a password.  Remember that it must be at least 8 characters long.  Don't forget it or you will be wasting your time.  If you have a lousy memory, it's a good ideas to use the same password as your work email.

Step Five

You will have to enter your birth date, gender and mobile phone number.   By entering your Mobile phone number, you will be enabling a new security feature that helps protect your account by texting you verification numbers in case you forget your password.   It is great and much easier than the old way.  

Step Six

You may choose to enter another email address and connect it to your account.  This should allow others to “share” documents, maps, and more with your old email address.  This is great for the classroom when you don’t want to share your Gmail address.


You will be asked to type in a cryptic code (called a captcha) down on the bottom.  Try to type it exactly as shown or you will be asked to do it again.  This stops the "bots" from creating fake accounts.  Unfortunately, it stops some of us, too! You can reset the words if they appear to difficult or use the audio version of the password.  This is much easier than the old way.  

Lastly, when you are done, check the "Terms of Service" box, decide what you want to do about personalization and click Next Step.

That's it...

You’ll navigate through some set up pages.  You can skip them and come back to them another time, if you wish.  Your Google account is your Gmail Account.  You are ready to start exploring.  Welcome to Google! 

If you want to learn more about using Gmail, head over to
LifeHacker.com to find tips and shortcuts for using your new email account.