Credit Recovery - English 2B

Course Description

In Eng 2 Credit Recovery, students will read literary works from a variety of genres, from different cultures, and from classical and modern time periods.  The elements of each genre and various literary techniques will be discussed to develop an understanding of the authors’ craft and the effectiveness and purposes of common literary devices.  Students will be asked to understand more than storyline; they will be asked to contemplate the universality of literature: themes and motifs that transcend time and place.  In order to develop critical thinking skills and the ability to communicate effectively, students will be asked to respond to their readings creatively and thoughtfully, to write for different purposes, to present material orally, and to evaluate material and ideas presented not only in the literature but also in the media.


Course Objectives

  1. To provide opportunities for students to read and respond to both fiction and non-fiction
  2. To develop post-reading comprehension of different genres of literature through discussion of literary devices
  3. To model ways to interpret, describe, analyze, and evaluate components of fiction, literary non-fiction, and mass media
  4. To model ways to make inferences, draw conclusions based on text, and cite evidence from readings to support generalizations and personal observations
  5. To develop students’ understanding of meaningful communication by modeling the writing process; exploring common errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics; and modeling ways to enhance one’s style
  6. To provide opportunities for students to write, speak, listen, and read for different purposes
  7. To develop word recognition skills and develop vocabulary by studying vocabulary in context
  8. To develop vocabulary by studying word parts as well as context clues

Course Outline


Unit V: Drama

Section 1 - Drama Introduction

Section 2 - Drama Vocabulary

Section 3 - Drama G.U.M.

Unit VI: Writing to Learn

Section 1 - Writing to Learn Research

Section 2 - Writing to Learn Vocabulary

Section 3 - Writing to Learn G.U.M. 

Unit VII: Writing to Persuade

Section 1 - Writing to Persuade

Section 2 - Writing to Persuade Vocabulary

Section 3 - Writing to Persuade G.U.M.

Unit VIII: Mass Media

Section 1 - Mass Media

Section 2 - Mass Media Vocabulary

Section 3 - Mass Media G.U.M .

Unit IX: Oral Presentation

Section 1 - Oral Presentation

Section 2 - Oral Presentation Vocabulary

Section 3 - Oral Presentation G.U.M.


Required Text



A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry