Adding a Link to an External Website in Your Course  Moodle ISU


You can add links to external websites as a way to include online articles, videos, podcasts and other resources.

This guide will help you to:

Add a URL (link to an external website)

  1. Locate the Turn Editing On button  at the top right corner of the course homepage. For more information please see Moodle ISU Overview.
  2. Locate the week/topic where you want to add the resource.
  3. Click the Add an activity or resource hyperlink.

  1. Select URL and Click the Add button: This will take you to the Adding a URL page.              

Hot Tip: You can now drag and drop URL links, files, and folders onto your Moodle ISU 2 page.  Click Turn Editing On then click and hold the URL link, file, or folder to drag the item over your Moodle ISU page.  You can drop the item at the bottom of any week/topic you choose, then use the arrows to move the item to the desired location.


  1. Type the name of the file in the Name field.   This will show to the students on the course homepage.
  2. In the Description field, Type a description of the file or any other information you may like the students to see.

Note: Unless you check the resource description box in the Options section below, students will not see the description.


  1. In the External URL text box, paste the entire URL – beginning with http(s) into the box.

Hot Tip: To select an entire URL, you can Triple click in the address bar of the web page or click and type ctrl +A or apple+A.


  1. In Display, Select the setting for how the URL (link to an external website) will be displayed.
  1. Display resource name will show the name of the resource IF the URL (link to an external website)  is embedded.

Note: This box will only be accessible if you selected Automatic or Embed.

  1. Display URL Description will show the description of the resource IF the URL (link to an external website) is embedded.

Note: This box will only be accessible if you selected Automatic or Embed.

URL Variables

This section affects the parameters of a website. For more information URL variables please contact the ITRC

Common Module Settings

This section sets how the activity uses Groups and manual grade calculations.  For more information on the group options please see Groups and Groupings.  For more information on manual grade calculations please contact the ITRC.

Restrict Access

This section sets the conditions under which students may interact with this activity. For more information please see Conditional Release/Restricting Access.

Activity Completion

This section sets the conditions under which Moodle will consider the activity to be complete. For more information please see Activity Completion.

Once you have everything set:

  1. Click the Save and Display button to view the file.  
  2. Click the Save and Return to Course button to be taken back to the main course page.
  3. Click the Cancel button to NOT save the link to the external website.

Note: The new resource will always appear at the bottom of the list within the week/topic you have chosen

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