Ch 5 Notes

The Periodic Table

Most valuable tool to chemists

Developed by ___________________

Originally arranged by increasing ______________________ (go over how to calculate average atomic mass)

Modern periodic chart is arranged by increasing _________________

Periodic Law

Rows are called __________________

Atomic mass and atomic number increase across a period

Columns are called ______________ or _________________

Elements in groups have the same number of ______________________

Elements in the same group also have similar _______________________________

The pattern or repeating properties is called ________________________________

Periodic Trends  When drawing the sketches, don’t worry about writing in all the elements, just give a rough sketch of the periodic table, place arrows in and write in trends that are found

Atomic Radius-________________________________________

Ionization Energy- __________________________________

More Ionization energy means it is harder for another atom to come along and steal electrons

Electronegativity- How much an atom will try to steal or pull towards it, electrons from another atom (very greedy)

Reactivity Trends

Metals, Nonmetals, Metalloids