Contact Details:

Yosi Taguri 

Phone : +972-544-816020

skype: yosi.taguri

PAH! (  is a unique iPhone game. It’s the first full game in the App Store to be activated by voice only. Although it’s a touch screen device - touching the screen won’t do anything.

PAH! has set a goal to make as many people laugh as possible.

To play the game you use your voice in two ways: Say AHHH to move the spaceship up and down by changing your volume. Shout PAH! to shoot. Your goal is to destroy the asteroids before they destroy you.

The game was originally developed in Flash few years ago, and now it got ported to iOS (works on the iPad as well), and an Android version is on its way.

The team behind PAH! is called “Lucky7 Labs”:
- Eyal Shahar - Game concept and design. (@eyalshahar)
- Yosi Taguri - Programming. (@yosit)
- Israel Roth - Programming. (@iroth99)

The game is gaining high popularity from day one. Around 500,000 PAHs are shouted every day in the game (yes, we measure it...).

There are several videos on Youtube of people who had a good laugh and decided to share. The collection of this videos can be found on this playlist:

The most common term used by players to describe their feeling include: Laugh, embarrassing, funny, ridiculous, genius.

Release some energy. Take a break from seriousness. Play PAH!