Animals in the classroom can provide positive experiences for students.  It is important to recognize, however, that some animals are not suitable for the classroom because of their temperament and/or the risk of spreading disease.  Consequently, the following guidelines must be followed.


  1. Wild animals are prohibited in schools.


  1. Before an animal is brought into the classroom, parents/guardians shall be notified in a timely manner.

  1. Animals brought to school shall be clean and healthy.  Their owners/handlers shall be able to produce proof of vaccination against rabies.  They shall be able to demonstrate that their animals are free of any known internal or external parasites.

  1. Animals shall not be in heat at the time of their visit.

  1. Visiting animals shall be appropriately restrained and under the control of their handlers at all times.  Animals shall not be allowed to roam or fly freely.

  1. Student contact with animals shall be supervised at all times.

  1. No food shall be present at the time of animal visits.

  1. Students who handle animals shall wash their hands after handling.

  1. Animals shall not be allowed in the vicinity of sinks, bubblers, or food preparation and consumption areas.

  1. Countertops and student desks shall be thoroughly cleaned after all animal visits.


  1. Student shall not be allowed to kiss animals or have them in close proximity to their faces.

  1. Nothing in this policy shall prevent use of service animals by students or staff or the use of properly preserved animal for curricular purposes

The following list provides clarification regarding conditions under which animals are allowed in schools.


Resident animals allowed without condition

Resident animals allowed with condition(s)

Students may not handle chicks.  Once chicks are hatched, they shall be removed from the classroom.


Resident animals not allowed

Visiting animals allowed with condition(s):

These animals must be restrained at all times:

These animals may not be held by students:

Dogs and cats must be clean, vaccinated, and free of external or internal parasites.                                                               


Visiting animals not allowed




Revised from 12/13/04

First Reading Coordination: 4/9/13

Second Reading and Adoption by BOSC: 4/29/13