Green = Watch it/All

Nothing = can skip or I haven’t watched it myself if there’s no notes

Getting Started 3dBuzz

Unreal Development Kit - a nice intro to different aspects and areas of unreal

UDK forum getting started 

1. Check out the Master Guide.

2. read this: Creating Levels (UDN). 

3. Do More "Advanced" tutorials. check the UDK documentation sticky,

Bought DVD Series - Probably the best source for quality tutorials on UDK

        Bought Streamed:

Unreal Cascade - best particle tutorial, but I’d skip particles until you need them

Bought Digital Download: - good also covers camera effects

UnrealScript - An Introduction and Application nice, the best place to start Awesome, but watch it sooner b/c later it kinda easy, he builds a whole level

UDK Mobile Game

Nex-Gen Texturing - decent, and a few years old. Some good techniques but nothing revolutionary. If you know how to use masks you’re more than half way there. Probably not recommended.

Gnomon Workshop


Visual-FX-for-Games - skip it, unless you’re doing lots of fx work then its great!

UDK Materials - great materials DVD Highly recommend best materials tutorial


"Bill and Bob" UDK Kismet

really great, goes in depth the far in a specific direction, I got to about part 19

Model/Texture <- comes highly recommended

Programming/GameDev tutorials

The Guild Hall Great stuff coming from these guys

my playlist list of some not all of their videos

Other resources:

Programming a mobile game


        search the year old videos and he has a lot of great topics.


                UnrealScript Tutorial Series, good combo with the Eat3D DVD fills in each others gaps.

Allars tutorials of goodness and tech things - from 2009 so some things have changed but most everything still holds up, just different places for somethings new classes etc. Also kinda long winded but probably the best a-z game dev setup. Also most elaborate, not a first tutorial.

        3rd person camera written tutorials:

        UDKC: concise break down of the process

Hourences simple game setup (not a video)

UnrealScript Cheat Sheet - Download PNG Version

Programming home:

ladder/climbing tutorial



AI stuff



                Navigation Meshes:

                spawn bots


UI scaleform


Making Game Menus with Scaleform & UDK Pt. 1

more from the same guy:


AnimTree tutorial

pretty straightforward though and definitely useful to see the process on the UDK side

Rigging/Skeletal Mesh

Epics video tutorial series on it: Mesh Pipeline - Using UDK

VERY dated, ActorX based, not FBX but its short and one of the only tutorials on the topic




iOS centric tutorial

                straight and to the point

UDK Creating a Basic iOS Mobile Game


other resources yet to be more researched

UDK Central: (if you watch one and like it post a link to it below)



Level design book

Mastering Unreal seems to be a good reference even tho its old