Hello everyone. Today I will show you how to insert custom sprites into your ROM.

What you will need:

Alright lets get started!

First thing you want to do is open either UnLZ.gba or NSE. I recommend using NSE as it is easier to use in my opinion. Open up your rom in in NSE and go to Options -> Plugins -> Select Plugins and choose Pokémon.npi as shown below.

Click “Run” and you should see a circle with a “?” in the middle of it. Find the Pokémon whose sprite you want to replace.

In this case I will be replacing “Unown” with Honchkrow. To find sprites, I recommend going to the
Spriters Resource.

Open irfanview and load up your sprite.

Go to Image - > Decrease Color Depth - > 16 Colors then click ok as shown above.

If you’re inserting a fourth generation sprite, you should see little to no change in the sprite, most fifth generation sprites use more than 16 colors and aren’t compatible with third generation games. For these, see
this sprite resource.
Click Save as and
save it as a .bmp file. It must be a .bmp.

Now that you have saved your image it’s time to import it into NSE or unLZ.gba simply go to

File -> Import -> Import Image, find your sprite and open it.

Don’t fret! This is normal. Basically, the Pokemon you replaced with the new Pokemon most likely doesn’t have the same color palette. This is where photoshop comes in.

Load up your sprite in photoshop and go to Image -> Mode -> Color table

This will load up the palette for your sprite. If the “Color Table” option is greyed out it is because you didn’t decrease the color depth in irfanview.

Now you want go back to NSE and make sure you’re on the sprite your inserting go to Edit -> Palette and you should see the 16 colors from the old sprite.

Click on the very first color from the Photoshop color table and you should see this

See the R,G,B? You don’t have to remember the numbers because you can just look at it when you need the number.

Now just incase you didn’t do it before go to NSE and go to Edit > Palette, Click the very first color you see and you should see this;

Looks similar to the photoshop one doesn’t it? See the Red, Green, and Blue?

Now copy the number from “R” in photoshop and paste it on the “Red” in NSE do this for G -> Green and B -> Blue too.

Now the Red, Green and Blue should be changed from this;
To this;  

Now, click the second color on the Photoshop color table and do the exact same thing you just did. Make sure you clicked the the 2nd color in NSE not the first. Click on the 3rd color in photoshop and switch the 3rd color in NSE and so on until you do it for all 16 colors.

Your sprite should look like this once you have finished changing all the colors:

But you’re not finished yet. See how the background is all black? and notice how Honchkrow has black on him? Think of the background as a greenscreen. The “greenscreen” is the color of the very first color in the palette, which was black in this case. Just like a greenscreen, all black on Honchcrow will be counted as background, and this isn’t good. You’re going to want to go to Edit -> Palette and change the very first color to a color that isn’t on your palette (Make sure there is a duplicate of the first color somewhere on the pallete. The first color is black so as long as there’s another black on the palette I should be fine.)

Once you changed the very first color, you might notice that a color on your sprite changed, recolor the changed color with the appropriate color and
you’re done!

If your sprite looks like its floating just move it down in the picture.

And its that easy!

WAIT! The backsprite is all mis-colored what do I do?!
Well for some reason the palette for the backsprite is the same as the front sprite just in a different order, all the colors are there you just have to manually recolor it.