GLSA May 2012 Board Meeting

The May 2012 GLSA board meeting was held at Southside Town Hall on May 12.  Present were Joe Lepely, Peggy Jo Fortner, Carol Gertgen, Nancy Hector, Harry Wahlquist, Jerry Dock, Mike McNellis, Kent Davidson, Carl Swanson.  Lisa Peery and Tom Plihal were late.

The secretary’s report was tabled until later.

Peggy Jo said there were now 343 members.  The treasurer’s report was reviewed and motion was made by Jerry Dock and seconded by Harry Wahlquist.  Motion approved.

Website – Chris Hector outlined goals and operations for the website.  It will be very interactive and Chris is trying to capture as many email addresses as possible.  New features are: 1) ramp sign-up;  2) blog, for board and committee members only, at this point;  3) Google Docs; and,  4) rotating ads for platinum sponsors.  Chris asked for funds to purchase two software tools for future web management.  Motion made by Harry W. and seconded by Jerry D. for up to $150.  Motioned approved.

Annual meeting – 2012 annual meeting will be held at Bendix on June 2nd.  The Board Meeting will follow immediately and therefore there will be no Board Meeting on the 9th.  It was suggested that we may want to hold the Annual Meeting in the new South Haven Town Hall next year, which would be closer for association members.

Director openings and candidates – Board needs to set up a Nominating Committee at the June meeting.  Carl Swanson and Curt Conrad’s terms will be expiring and both would like to renew.  Lisa Peery and Jerry Doffing will not be returning, and there is one open seat, so there are three openings.  Chris Hector, Chuck Lingen, and Steve Holmstoen have offered to serve.  

New Directory – The new directory is ready to go to print.

AIS update – The CLP permit application was for one tenth of an acre.  Years ago, the permit was for 10 acres, so a lot of progress has been made.  The DNR turned down our grant request for lake access funds.  Next year we will ask for help from the County Commissioners, who may be able to apply some pressure in our favor.

Public Access Committee – We need new no parking signs.  Phyllis Latour will bring the issue to the township, to see if we need to request new signs and who would need to pay for them.  Parking on the side of the road has become a real safety issue.  Access training has to be given by a trained, authorized person.  Carl also mentioned that the rules around AIS will be changing soon.  

High Water – Official level is 1050 feet, 3 inches, so we are technically within a water restriction zone.  Cattail cutter permit was cancelled because Sylvia has EWM and Moses does not.  We will continue pursuing this option.  Committee sent in proposal to have a no wake at all times in the channel, and no wake within 300 ft of the lakeshore when the lake reaches 1050.1 feet above sea level for 3 consecutive days.  Exceptions will be made for pick up and drop off of skiers.  It looks like there will be no wake restriction enforcement from the county, this year.  There has been thought of disbanding our water patrol.  

New business – The Picnic Committee was thinking about printing additional lake history books, but the estimate came in at $36 per book.  They will look for options to reduce the price.  Motion was made by Peggy Jo F. to spend $50 to make one copy.  Tom P. seconded.  Motion carried.  $9,000 has been pledged by sponsors so far.  

Motion was made by Kent D. to approve the Secretary’s report w/ corrections.  Jerry D. seconded.  Corrections were that the Board had approved a motion to enact a wake restriction last summer with the following 3 elements:  1) 150 feet from shore at all times for the entire lake;  2) no wake in the channel at all times; and 3) 300 feet from shore when the lake level exceeds 1050.1 feet above sea level for 3 consecutive days, with exceptions for picking up and dropping off skiers

Meeting was adjourned.