Believin Stephen

God is Diesel

The Perseverance Mixtape


This is gutter music and God loves to use it

This is hip-hop and I love to do it!

Off of the top of the mind I'm droppin a line

it's rockin ya spine, as I'm offering rhymes

Yo God is divine, peep His awesome design

Christ is modest and kind, saves the lost and the blind

I'm on the field I don't watch from the side

Yo, Jesus is God, dog it's not a disguise

He rescued me from the domain of darkness

The physician heals my pain from hardship

God is diesel! I'm flawed and evil,

Rotten feeble like I got the measles

Christ died and was mocked by people

But He's coming back for an awesome sequel

I'm droppin doctrine from Colossians

I watch with caution cause my thoughts are rotten

Leavin Christ is not an option,

cause I've been bought and pardoned by God's begotten

Apart from Christ I was sobbing often

I would rock a Walkman and talk with jargon

A walkin coffin, bottle poppin

He saved me! The cross is awesome!

Now I'm His child because God's adoptin

I'm a filthy rag but God's washin cotton

He gives me the win like the Sox in Boston

He assists me like rocks from Stockton

You can't reach God with a high tower

My God is way bigger....than Dwight Howard

He made beautiful things just like flowers

He conquered death, that's Christ's power

He's the judge like Mathis, cause He's matchless

He'll save a bum or a lovely actress!

In most of your rhymin, you're boastin of diamonds

But where they at when you're knowin you're dyin??!

You like to dance and are posin for Heisman

But where does your faith hope and lie in?

O but you got a new Navigator

Well let me ask you "Do you have a savior?"

Yea God is love, but He's wrath and anger

You can't fight Him like the Gladiator

He'll smash you player like mash potatoes

Repent of your sins! and ask in prayer

 You probably think, "Yo this cat's a hater"

Cause I'm givin you cats who cater!

The end is near, you know that it's soon

Believe in Jesus and that He rose from the tomb!