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*Asterisked items below are included in the brief summary instructions for both printing and editing these templates



These templates are provided as Adobe PDF documents by

The TLT Group, A Non-Profit Organization

Congratulations!   Since you’re reading this document, you have already succeeded in opening it with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Here are some mostly obvious instructions.


Get Adobe Reader if it is not already installed on your computer.  Download and install a recent version of it from

Download a copy of the bookmark template PDF file to your own computer for editing and/or printing.

Select and print this page for reference

Back-up and save the template PDF file so that you can edit again with a fresh start if necessary (either because you encountered a technical problem or because you need to produce a different version).


1.  Open the DOWNLOADED COPY of the template document

  using Adobe Acrobat Reader - you need no additional software to edit and print.

2.  Turn on “Highlight Fields”

Click the “Highlight Fields” button at the right end of the bar that appears just above each document page near the upper right corner of the screen.  The sections (“fields”) of the bookmark that have been prepared for your modification should now be easily visible - indicated by colored rectangles.  Those rectangles that now appear on your screen will NOT appear in the printed version.  The initial placeholder text in each field will appear in the printed version unless you replace it with your own...

Ignore the “Submit Form” button.

3.  In each field, replace placeholder text with your own.

Place your cursor within one of the highlighted fields and edit as you would with most word processors.

This template is designed for printing multiple copies per page of the SAME bookmark;  so, when you edit one of the fields, your entry should be replicated (“autopopulated”) in each of the fields located in the same position in other copies of the same side of the bookmark on the same page.  If this does not happen for you, you can copy and paste your new text into each field where it belongs.

4.  Insert Appropriate Attribution, Permissions

In the appropriate field, confirm that appropriate attributions and permissions/restrictions are clearly indicated.  You can add your own contact, ID, or institutional info to the listing for The TLT Group.  Please do not remove or alter the Share-It-Forward Creative Commons License which gives subsequent users of this work the same permissions and requirements that we hope you have appreciated.  Please see:

A Few Rights Reserved by the TLT Group, Inc., A Non-Profit Corporation

Attribution & Rights: Welcome in Spirit of Open Source


 Revised 20100802

5.  Save Your Changes

Use the “Save As” option under the “File” pull-down menu.  Direct this copy to be saved in a convenient location.



Print one test copy - both sides, full page.  When you are satisfied with the test page results, print, duplicate, slice, and trim as many copies as you need.

7.  Distribute your bookmarks happily

Along with your personal recommendations and suggestions for using the useful, introductory information on this bookmark, give several to each of your colleagues.  Encourage these fortunate recipients to pass along a few of these bookmarks to some of their colleagues.  Remind them that they can also print more copies of this bookmark.  If you wish to, allow them also to edit or modify the bookmark as you much or as little as you did.   

 Revised 20100802