Carola Gough Life Story: Chronology

As a first step in attempting to write a book about Carola’s life, to carry out one of her own wishes, we need to assemble a detailed chronology of her life. This chronology should have dates and links to photographs, letters, stories, andecdotes, interviews, etc from which I will draw the content to edit the book.

Below is my (JSG) first pass at a chronology. If you can and would like to assist, I’ll add you to the editor list. Just email me.

Document Conventions

Please initial yourself when you make reference to yourself.

JSG = Josh


Personal Ancestry



Details (Notes, Links, Photos etc)

Downer Family History

Particularly relevant ancestors (Artists, writers, etc?)

Carola's great-grandparents

Carola's grandparents

Carola's parents

Life Chronology



Details (Notes, Links, Photos etc)

Birth in Washington State (Wenatchee county)

Early childhood

Elementary school

High school

Early exposure to art and education

Meeting Elmo Eugene Gough

Include Letters and notes, images links

Art school in California



Life in Alaska

  • Artwork "In the evenings" from newspaper articles
  • Creating children's book
  • Newspaper articles

Life in California

Moving to Africa

  • Letters to and from Africa (See Flickr collection linked above so far)
  • Teaching Art in Africa
  • Attitude toward teaching (articles discuss her using anything available to create paints)
  • Her personal attitude toward “others” contrasted with some of the other workers -- (Based on conversations on the pier in California when she was 96.)

Life in Colorado

  • Painting in Colorado during late 80s and early 90s
  • Newspaper articles

Death of husband at age 88 after 65 years of marriage

Volunteering with children after husband's death

90th birthday party

Climbing Amicalola falls at age 90

Breaking hip in Georgia

Recovery from broken hip

  • Her “Teddy Bear” journal contains her own writing about this experience
  • JSG personal observation and writings of this process (self-determination, will to survive and thrive)
  • Taking a painting lesson with her (prior to hip fracture)

Breaking hip again

Moving to California

Family reunion in April of 2007 and 96th birthday party

  • Videos
  • Photographs
  • Spoken tributes
  • “Virtual” art gallery

Stroke in July of 2007

Family visiting her

JSG final visit with her (her incredible presence of mind to speak to me emphatically and the strength I draw from this)

Legacy as an artist

  • Her web site
  • Where are her paintings?
  • Future projects to commemorate her art and raise money for causes for community and art

Non-Chronology-Specific Topics