LIS Focus: Summer 2011

Below you will find the Summer 2011 edition of the LIS Focus document that outlines the activities that we are focusing on this summer.

In addition to this quarterly snapshot of what’s keeping us busy, we still have our goals and our projects that provide another view into the on-the-ground view of what we are doing to achieve our longer-term vision for how LIS can support the ambitious goals of the College. As a reminder, the idea behind these quarterly snapshots is to provide a check-in to make sure that our annual and multi-year initiatives are making steady progress week-by-week, and to provide a transparency into what our priorities are within LIS and beyond.  

I have highlighted those activities that have the broadest impact across the organization and across campus, with the thought that these are the activities that people need to pay most attention to in order to avoid potential disruption of service or other communication problems.


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Media Services        

Overall goal:
Replace the media equipment in the oldest smart classrooms. Divide classrooms into Tiers and create a template for each to streamline support and ease the construction of new and upgrading of old classrooms. Find an additional contractor or two to help us with smart classroom design and upgrades.

In the last quarter
 we upgraded the equipment in MBH 216, 219 and 220.

In the coming quarter we are working on the new MCFA classrooms and planning the upgrades for Kirk and the Grille.

In this past quarter, as an interim solution, we published online the Event Schedules that are staffed by Media Services. This will allow customers, the Helpdesk, Circulation, etc to look-up who is scheduled to support a particular event - a popular request in the past.

In the next quarter we still need to further streamline and automate the event/screening support process. This will involve replacing Filemaker Pro databases with R25 and/or Heat and/or another solution.

Overall goal:
This will reduce upgrade expenses for classrooms, allow us to upgrade and build more classrooms per year, troubleshoot new classrooms better and greatly enhance team spirit.

This quarter Petar received his Extron certification and, in addition to Scott Witt can program Extron classroom systems. Furthermore, Stewart Lane successfully passed the first Crestron programming exam.

In the next quarter
, Stew will continue his Crestron certification path and Petar hopes to join in, as well.

Overall goal: Find easy(er) ways for streaming events (which may resolve overflow issues).  

This past quarter, in MBH 216, we installed a new lecture capture system. The new system can export the video in MP4 format, reducing the time it takes to get a web-ready video. The new system (NCAST) can also be fully automated allowing either a customer or a technician to start recording very easily.

In the next quarter we are researching this capability further - the goal is to implement a system that is ready for a customer to just push a button and the lecture will be recorded and published.

Labs and Public Computing        

Overall goal: Learning how to deploy (and deploying) dual-boot macs in labs and classrooms.

During this past quarter we created a proof of concept dual boot Mac.

In the following quarter we hope to integrate what we’ve learned into our existing deployment process, automating as much as possible.

Overall goal: Improving our virtual machines to better serve students: Continuing the expansion to virtual applications and virtual printing. Formalize how the virtual computer lab is used, its capacity and how much growth costs.

In this past quarter we performed additional testing for the LabSTOR project. In addition, we have a proof of concept Windows 7 virtual lab machine.

In the next quarter we hope to integrate what we learned from the proof of concept into the existing virtual lab deployment process. In addition, we expect more work around the LabSTOR project.

Overall goal: Deploying Windows 7 to labs. Implement a quarterly / 3-month update to the lab image.        Testing software packages after they are deployed, in a timely and consistent manner. This will require working with faculty to create test files and scenarios for the software they need. Alternatively, we can continue to rely on faculty to test the software that we've installed upon their request. (Note that successfully installing a software application and opening it does not always test whether all its features are functional).

This past quarter we participated heavily in the Windows 7 evaluation process and staff PC upgrade cycle. While this did not allow us to test 7 specifically for labs, we still managed to learn much about 7 that will be useful in a lab environment.

In the next quarter we hope to create a proof of concept Windows 7 lab, introduce it to faculty, students and staff.

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