Let Your Subconscious Help You

by Jenny Davidow, M.A.  (Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved)


Your subconscious is a powerful ally that can help you to feel more fully alive, able to handle stress, and be more healthy, peaceful and productive. A partnership that combines your conscious and subconscious abilities is the most effective antidote to stress; it comes in limitless supply; and it is always available.

You may ask, "How can this partnership happen?"

Your subconscious stores everything that happens to you, information that is far more detailed than your conscious mind could ever hold or remember. The conscious "you" may not know something, but the subconscious "you" often knows very well and is ready to offer a wider perspective and choices to help you get what you need.

Most people are frustrated because they don't believe their subconscious wants to help them or is willing to communicate with them. Personal Coaching gives you a direct experience of communication with your subconscious. 

You will feel for yourself the opening of a new awareness - to your inner knowing. You will be excited to explore how this deeper intelligence shows up every day in surprising and creative ways, as intuitions, images, and in dreams.

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