Updated 8/22/11 - 2:30pm - added GPS tracks to misc section

Updated 8/30/11 - 7am - added cleaning video of 45lb halibut

Update 9/3/11 - 2pm - Added video of catching Dog Salmon

Udated 9/3/11 - 2pm - Added 13 min video edited from 5 hours of video taken from GoPro

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Alaska 2011 Trip Report

Crew - (left to Right) - Randy Dahl, Carl Barteck, Chuck McConnell,Kevin McConnell, Bob Carruthers, David Burns

We flew to Achorage on August 11th and spent the night in Microtel hotel near the airport.  Caught the first flight to Cordova Friday morning and rented a van for a day.  We stopped by the outfitter Alaska Wilderness Outfitters and talked to Tom . In 2007 Chuck and Kevin went to the TSIU River camp with the same outfitter.  We received our 9:30am departure time which ended up changing to 7:30 am. We also found out we were in Cabin #4.   We checked into the Reluctant Fisherman Hotel, bought some groceries and went and ate lunch.   During the afternoon we explored some fishing holes around town and drove out the Childs Glacier and the million dollar bridge.

Saturday morning Tom flew float plane (video of flight) us out to cabin 4 in 2 trips. (video of 2nd landing). The cabin had 3 bedrooms with 7 beds, a full kitchen, dinning room table and living room.  The views (view2 view3) from the front door were awesome.  We had 3 boats (boat pic2) to use between the 3 of us. There were some cool starfish hanging around the cabin.

Saturday we fished for pink salmon in the morning and went exploring (bear track)  in the afternoon. David’s Humpy.

Sunday went into Raging River area and I caught a Silver Salmon and we all caught more pink salmon (pic2) (Carl’s Humpy), some dog salmon.  did some more exploring, trolling. Carl and Bob saw this only bear of the trip.



We had a fish laying on the cleaning table attached to a metal stringer.  During dinner a bald eagle swooped down to take it but did not as it saw the stringer attached.  After this we put our fish carcases over on the rock to watch them eat.  David caught a silver and Chuck caught 2 Halibut.

Tuesday was a beautiful day for drift  fishing and we did very good with 8 Halibut, (pic2 pic3) the largest was David’s 45lbs (Kevin) (video of cleaning 45lb halibut). We used very large Circle hooks to fish for the Halibut.   Bob & Carl caught a very ugly rock fish.  We also tried to fish under the gulls and did get a few to the boat.

After lunch we went back into Raging creek to see if the silvers had shown up with no luck.  But it was a great place for a nap or become bear food.   We beached our boats, but did not move them before the tide went out.

Wednesday we caught 4 halibut, 3 pacific cod and some rock fish.

Big Fish Story Alert - I  caught a 6ft halibut.  Est 190lbs.  Chuck and I had a 2ft gaff on 12ft boat.  I would not let him try to gaff it.  I called over one of the other boats that had a longer gaff.  As we waited, the fish turned and swam away cutting the line.   Everyone we have talked to said unless we could have shot it, it would have sunk or hurt us very bad.   And the one ones under 50lbs are better eating. Someone upstairs was watching out for us.  This is the one picture of the fight.  Later in the afternoon a storm came in and we headed in.

Thursday morning we got up and went into Raging at low tide and caught our limits of Pink Salmon.  Many of the fish were very fresh and had sea lice on them.


We flew out at 3:30 as the weather was getting bad.  Crews on Friday did not fly out because weather was too bad.

Some Miscellaneous notes:

Maps of area Map1  Map2   GPS Tracks we took

Logbook Entry

The otters were not scared of the boats. We could drive up to about 10 yards before they would dive down.

I made some great Blueberry Muffins in the gas oven on Tuesday.  Others (names removed to protect their future in the kitchen) burned the brownies.. They claimed they could not read the oven temperature. 

David kept us supplied with Jack and coke after the fishing was done.

But..... David lost the coffee pot lid to the sea monsters so he lost some brownie points...