Random World

Last Updated: 11/11/2010


Random World is a semi-collaborative text adventure game run by me, Nojh Livic. It is done in a style similar to the old text adventure games. That is one adventurer wandering the world encountering puzzles, monsters, and quests. The only difference is that this particular adventurer is being controlled by multiple voices in its head! That is to say that anybody is allowed to post (following the rules below) a response to a particular scene, which may or may not be used in the game!


  1. Every day (M-F) I'll post a prompt with the title 'Random World: The Adventure Game' as the first line.
  2. The prompt will include a resolution of the prior prompt and describe a new scene in the game, following it up with a question or new prompt to answer.
  3. Each player is allowed to submit one In Character response to the prompt which is a maximum of one sentence in length, unless otherwise stated.
  4. At the end of the day/the next day, I will do one of the following things: Pick the best answer, pick a random answer, or incorporate some or all of the answers as one answer, and create a new prompt.
  5. If you need to ask a question about the game, or just want to make Out of Character commentary not meant for the game, surround the comment with (). Text in () inside the post is me, Nojh, talking to you, the player. Take heed! You can also pre-append OOC to the front of your statement.
  6. You are allowed to “string” actions together, however there is a significant limit to how many actions Random World can process her prompt. Something horrible and disastrous is prophesied to happen should one cross this unknown line. Best not to try.
  7. Some text may be surrounded in []. This is Random World, the game, talking to the character, not you but all of you, telling them that something has happened in the context of the game. Some of this may or may not make sense. See (Stuff you might wana know) below.


There will be standard commands that players can type to be reminded of information such as their skills, powers, attributes, etc. These do not count as answers to prompts and will be printed in the comments, or a full post, depending on the situation. More on these as they are made up.

Known Commands

Who Can Play

Anyone! Post serious questions. Post silly questions. Post any time you like.

Stuff you might want to know

Random World is a game. And it seems to like to behave in a game like manner. So there are probably some concepts and ideas you’ll want to know.

  1. Random World likes to describe things, and then list off important stuff. So you’ll see a nice descriptive text of the area or situation, and then you’ll see a list of objects that obviously want your attention, and a list of obvious exits. This doesn’t mean that these are the ONLY things you can play with in the game, something might be “hidden” in the nice descriptive text, but Random World decided to make things a little easy for you.
  2. Random world uses things like Stat Cards and Bruise Levels, goals and achievements. These are game terms. Understanding them may require understanding video games and text adventure games in general. Just ask if something seems confusing.
  1. These are common concepts you’ll find in text adventure games
  1. Examine everything.
  2. Steal everything.
  3. Use everything.
  4. Talk to anything.
  5. Your character has a set of stats that help define them (maybe thats what the Stat Card is?)


Until I get something better up, this is a top down listing of all the Random World Buzz posts to date.

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