BIT 275 Final Project                  

Preliminary Database Design

Based on the mission and objectives from the project definition phase, create a table structure for your database that includes a complete list of the tables and their fields.

Create a List of Table Definitions

Use the list of characteristics and subjects, along with the mission objectives to create a complete table list for your database design. Be certain that the list is comprehensive enough so that your data model can meet all of your project objectives. Spend time refining the table names and descriptions so that they are clear, unambiguous, descriptive and meaningful to yourself and the client.

Define the Table Structure

The table structure you create should include the fields associated with each table in the data model. For each filed indicate its full data type (e.g. MEDIUMINT rather than just “number”) and any field constraints. Identify all primary and foreign keys. For all foreign keys indicate the tables and fields to which they relate and their delete rules.

Final Submissions for Preliminary Design (due November 16, 2010)

  1. The list of table names and definitions
  2. The table structure listing including:
  1. all fields
  2. data types for all fields
  3. constraints for all fields
  4. primary keys
  5. foreign keys
  1. The related table and field for each foreign key
  2. The delete ruls for each foreign key