1. Please complete the Service Request Form online
  2. Bring enough cells to compensate for yield variability because the final cell yield is dependent upon many factors:

·         target population %

·         # of “live” cells in sample

·         sorter’s efficiency (dependent on cell stickiness, morphology, etc.)

  1. Concentrate your sorting samples at 25 million cells/ml in media or buffer with 0.5ml minimum volume
  2. Bring extra media/buffer for your sorting samples in case it is too concentrated  
  3. If the cells need serum to be kept alive, the samples to be sorted should not exceed 2% serum, final
  4. Bring about 50ml media into which to sort the cells. This media needs to have antibiotics and antimycotics to help maintain sterility, and can contain as much serum as you like
  5. Let us know if your cells will need to be kept cold during the sort
  6. Bring a negative control (unstained) and single color controls
  7. If sorting into 96-well plates:

·         concentrate your sample to 10 million cells/ml

·         add 200 microliters of media per well


Other Info:

  1. All sorts are charged an additional 1 hour for instrument set-up time, plus sorting time

  1. Due to high demand, sorts may need to be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance so plan your experiment accordingly

  1. For BIOHAZARD SORTS, please contact Dr. Spina via email for approval before scheduling.