9:30am-11pm (last slot starts at 10:15pm)


Keys available at the Cripps Porter’s Lodge (Cripps Building, close to Fisher Building – No. 20 on the map)

Terms of Use:

We have the privilege to use the courts at St. John’s but we need to strictly abide by their terms of use:

- Keys will only be issued in exchange for a University ID card
- Your name must be on the Darwin squash player list at the Cripps Lodge
- Darwin players may bring guests but at least one of the players must be on the squash player      list
- Only one booking per person per day (45-min slots)
- All booking must be made in person at the Cripps Lodge; no phone calls to the Porter please!
- Two of the courts may be booked up to 2 days in advance; the third court is used on a first-come-first-served basis (same-day bookings allowed as well)
- Players not using booked courts may be banned for 2 weeks or longer

- Bookings are void for matches not begun within 5 minutes of the start time
- Absolutely no outside shoes and/or black soles on the courts
- You need to bring your own racquets and balls, none are available at the Cripps Lodge