1. Candlewood Ridge – Carriage Wood Homeowners’ Association

Minutes of the Meeting

March 15, 2011

Board Members Present:  Curt Whitaker, Susan Salcido, George McGill, John Utz, John Newcome

Others Present:  6  Homeowners

This monthly meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. at the King County Sheriff’s Office – Fairwood Storefront.  

Fire Department Report:  Not present.

Police Report:  Not present but provided the following statistics on our area

Traffic Contacts: 18

Parking Contacts: 21

Abandoned Vehicle complaints: 4

Noise Complaints: 1

Contacts After hours in the Parks: 0

Approval of Last Month’s Minutes:  A motion was made to approve the January board meeting minutes, 2011 Annual meeting minutes and February board meeting minutes as written.  It was seconded and passed.  Signing of the minutes took place by the board.  

Homeowner Concerns:

Concern raised regarding how the board communicates with HO’s and resolves issues. HO in question received legal notice from the HOA attorney regarding the proper use and format of proxies. HO feels board members don’t use good communication techniques and could have discussed the issue rather than sending an official notice via the attorney, which they see as hostile. HO asserts that use of the attorney “breaks trust”,  is unnecessary and escalates the issue. HO asserts that they had no idea there was a problem with their document used for proxies.

HOA President/Chairman answered that the advice of counsel was to send the HO a letter regarding the use of HOA documents for his own proxy solicitations. Board was not given an option to preview or comment on the document used by the HO so a discussion was not possible. A problem was noted at the Annual meeting with the document because 13 proxies ended up being in dispute due to a procedural omission on the HO’s proxy form. The Board elected to dismiss those proxies rather than apply them rather than take advantage of the confusion. On advice of counsel the board decision was to have the issue clarified for the future by having a letter sent from the attorney. With 850 homeowners to represent it is the board’s responsibility to use legal counsel to ensure that they are acting in accordance with the law and in keeping with their responsibility to all homeowners.

HO asked how long self-addressed envelopes have been used by the board to solicit proxies.  Answer from President that it is an improvement made this year.  HO asserts anger at the HO group using HOA self-addressed envelopes and was against the HO group using the HOA board’s self-addressed stamped envelopes.

HO asked “Can we get the nominating committee going?” President answered 4/12 is the tentative first meeting for the committee.

HO commented that the HO group may or may not ask for proxies in the future. Because the board wishes to see the form used by the HO group it was suggested a form be created well in advance and publicized so there is time for it to be reviewed. Any given year a team may decide to go out for proxies.

HO suggested we send out ballots instead of proxies but HOA chairman answered that we don’t have the annual level of interest needed to support ballots at this time.

Committee Reports:  

Treasurer’s Report: 

  1. Received 1 notice of Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  2. Bank signature card updated for incoming and existing board members
  3. 2010 Audit complete


  1. Make motion to perform financial review for 2011 (delayed until next meeting when treasurer present)


 Keep Treasurer and Bookkeeper informed of any changes associated with the ACC fines and legal actions that impact Homeowner’s financial balance due to the association.

ACC Report:     

In the last month there have been the following requests: 1 roof replacement, 1 garage door replacement and 1 window replacement.

A letter was sent to a home regarding approved windows and landscaping but they did not submit paint chips for painting. A request was made for the colors which has not been received yet.

One inquiry was received regarding mailbox replacement. A new cluster locking mail box system will be replacing the current mail boxes due to mail being stolen on a regular basis.

Please remember, if you are going to do outside projects this Spring and Summer you may go ahead and start submitting requests now. The number of requests increase dramatically in the coming months and we want to make sure they can be approved in a timely manner. Note you have 180 days to complete a project once a request is made.

  1. Reminder - Our CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations clearly state that exterior projects such as roofs, painting, fencing, decks, driveways, major landscaping and patios require the submission and approval of an ACC request before commencing the project. The ACC has up to 30 days to respond to an ACC request but tries to respond much sooner than that. It is recommended that if a response to an ACC request has not been received within two weeks, the homeowner should contact the ACC Chairman via email at architecture@crcwhoa.org or by leaving a voice message at 425-738-8611. For emergency type repairs notify the ACC Chairman as indicated above and mention that it is an emergency type situation. Please do not contact the ACC chairman via a home phone number.
  2. A notebook with samples of colors that provide a range of colors that meet HOA guidelines for repainting homes is available and will be provided upon request. Please contact the ACC chairman as indicated above if you would like to see it.
  3. Please remember we do not accept ACC request forms via email. Please mail them to CR/CW HOA, PO Box 58397, Renton, WA 98058

Common Areas Maintenance Report:

HO shared that the retention pond in CW needs to have the trees trimmed.

Mail is being stolen-CAM chair recommends purchasing locking mail boxes.

Moss has grown on entrance signs in Carriagewood and needs to be cleaned with wire brushes-a work party is being formed.

Reminder: Our parks are private parks which exist for the use and enjoyment of HOA residents, their families and guests. They are not public parks. Our park usage rules apply to everyone. Following are some of the rules that have been established to maximize safety, and minimize liability and maintenance cost:

A. Park Hours: 9:00 am to dusk.

B. No Smoking, alcohol, drugs, loud music, golfing, motorized vehicles or Fireworks are allowed.

C. Animals must be leashed and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animals.

Complaints Negotiations Report:  

        1.There are currently 9 open active complaints

                a. 6 have been turned over to attorney

                b. 2 at the 2nd certified non-compliance letter stage

                c. 1 at the 3rd certified non-compliance letter stage (fines)


  1. 1 non-compliance issue was closed since the last meeting.
  2. Reminder:

Typically we do not investigate and send out non-compliance letters in response to anonymous complaints. We expect complaints to be signed, and an address and phone # to be provided so additional information, if needed, can be requested.

  1. A call was received regarding a stray dog. Please contact King County Animal Control: 206-296-7387 for assistance with nuisance animal issues.
  2. One abandoned car complaint was received as well as a camper parked in the neighborhood which was resolved with the assistance of Officer Shirley.
  3. Board of Director’s telephone list was updated.
  4. HOA FAQ draft submitted to the board for review.

 Capital Improvement Committee:

Please contact the board if you have any ideas for Capital Improvements.        

Legal and Insurance Report: 

Many foreclosures and distressed sales have come to our attention in the last month. The HOA is now spending some money to attempt to locate some missing Homeowners. Hos can be difficult to find and are, in some cases, leaving properties vacant.  Received one check from a homeowner who has been in serious challenge and reached a tentative agreement with another homeowner regarding dues, fines and attorney’s fees.

Rental Home / Change of Address Committee 

Changes of Address and Rentals

Old Business:

Nominations committee is having an April 12 meeting at 7pm at the Sheriff’s office by Albertsons.

Easter Event is set for April 23rd. The event starts promptly at 11:00 am. Please be 15 minutes early to ensure your child doesn’t miss out on the hunt.  The location will be the Carriage Wood park.

Restructuring of terms of board members needs review

Need a Website plan-proposal to find education resources for the website volunteer was made.

Summer event discussed. BBQ a possibility. Volunteers hope to possibly create an annual calendar of events-please contact the board if you are interested in assisting.

New Business:   

Garage Sale will be May 20-22.

Signs for the Yard sale weekend will be created and put out w/existing sandwich boards by John Newcombe.

Recording secretary volunteers to put a notice on Craig’s list for the community.

Homeowner also volunteered to put out signs.

Welcoming Committee – If you are new to the neighborhood and would like an HOA information packet, call the HOA phone number at 425-738-8611 and leave a voice message or send an email request to info@crcwhoa.org.

Three welcome packets were delivered since last meeting.

Special Topics:  Visit our Website and contact the HOA via Email at:

Web –    www.crcwhoa.org 

Email –  info@crcwhoa.org 

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 pm.

Next Board Meetings:

Meetings are usually held at 7:00 pm. at the Sheriff’s Office, Albertson’s Shopping Center.

All Homeowners are welcome to attend.  

  1. Candlewood Ridge / Carriage Wood Announcements & Reminders

*ACC Requests - The HOA CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations documents clearly state that exterior projects such as roofs, painting, fencing, decks and patios require the submission and approval of an ACC request before commencing the project.  The ACC has up to 30 days to respond to an ACC request but tries to respond much sooner.  It is recommended that if a response to an ACC request has not been received within two weeks, the homeowner contact the ACC Chairperson via email at architecture@crcwhoa.org or by leaving a voice message at 425-227-4227.  ACC request forms can be found in the Fairwood Flyer or on the HOA website at www.crcwhoa.org.  Please do not contact the ACC Chairperson via a home phone number.

*Carriage Wood and Candlewood Ridge Parks – A policy has been established to maximum safety, minimize liability and maintenance costs, while allowing homeowners of the association to enjoy our parks.  Rules to accomplish this include:

Please report suspicious activity in the parks by calling 911.  Reference case number 09-179682 when calling.

*HOA Website - Visit the CR/CW HOA website at www.crcwhoa.org to read messages on our Bulletin Board, monthly meeting Minutes, Rules and Regulations documents and much more!

*Trash and Recycle Receptacles – A friendly reminder to homeowners that Garbage Cans, Recycle and Yard Waste Receptacles are to be properly stored behind a fence or inside the garage where they are not visible from the street.  

*Webmaster:  Our last webmaster has moved from our neighborhood, therefore we are in need of someone take over this function.  The person should be familiar with maintaining Google websites and email accounts.  Please contact us if you are interested in this volunteer position.