VCR - VOCALIZE COMMENT REPEAT: Using VoiceThread to Improve Vocal Reading and Speaking Skills - English 10th Grade

Margaret Roth, August 14, 2011 - #jhusmed

Objective: Students will use VoiceThread to record both video and audio presentations of themselves reading poetry aloud in order to improve their vocal reading and public speaking skills. Additionally, through repetition they will become comfortable with their spoken voice, will memorize important passage of poetry, and will develop an understanding of the auditory aesthetics of poetry.

Essential Question: How does hearing poetry aloud change the listener’s understanding of the poem and how does an author’s use of  literary sound devices affect the poem?


        Social Media: VoiceThread, Google Blogger

        Robert Frost’s “The Pasture”

        VoiceThread for Robert Frost’s “The Pasture” titled “Lesson Plan_VCR”

        Additional Information on Sound Devices in Robert Frost’s poetry

        Robert Frost reading his poem “The Pasture” on YouTube

        Robert Frost discussing his own poetry on YouTube



Standards: from MD Core English Goals -