Hello 5th Grade Students,

The objective of the next two lessons is for you to explore multimedia software that you can use for your presentation at the Exhibition.  This is a free explore time and here are your choices (If you would like to see other on this list, please see me.

Lesson One (Monday/Tuesday)

A Multimedia Web 2.0 application. This site will allow you to create online posters that include text, video, images, and audio.  
http://www.glogster.com (requires registration, bandwidth heavy)


Quickly and easily make photo slide shows including text and music. Local application that does not require Internet.

Windows Live Movie Maker

Create movies with video, still picture, music, titles, and credits.  Local application that does not require Internet

Lesson Two (Thursday)


Web 2.0 Application that allows you to have group conversations around text, images, and documents.  

https://voicethread.com (requires registration)


A zooming presentation editor. Similar to PowerPoint it is non-linear and users can zoom around from slide to slide. Creators can embed documents, images, and voice recording.

http://prezi.com/ (requires registration, bandwidth heavy)


Audacity is used to create audio recordings including podcasts.  Several audio tracks can be combined together to create rich recordings that include voice, music, interviews, and sound effects