Math Curriculum Resources Page

This page is in progress and new links will be added as we work together throughout the year.

Link to My GCCTM Website - wiki and March 10 Conference Registration

Notes from OCTM/OMELC Conference 2011

Phil Daro  Presentation on Math Common Core -audio recording

Current Math Standards

Ohio Resource Center Current Ohio Standards by GRADE  much more user friendly than the ODE site.  Included at the end of each of the indicators is a link to lesson plans that support that indicator.

Ohio Core Curriculum Math Standards  In Place For 2014-2015

ODE Model Curriculum PDF By Grade Level

FLIP BOOKS - From Kansas Dept of Education

Sources for Performance Tasks

Textbook and Resource Reviews - Based on Mathematical Practice and Alignment to CC

General Math Teacher/Lesson Resources

Math Classroom Resources

Math Technology Resources

Interactive Boards Lessons

Online Manipulatives

Doing Math Online

Differentiation Resources

Resource Links for Working With Transition With Common Core

Math Manipulatives

Kindergarten Transition Resources and Planning

ODE Model Curriculum Grade K

March 12, 2012 Meeting Agenda

Ohio Resource Center - Kindergarten Math Lessons By Domain

PTA Kindergarten Common Core Page

K-5 Math Resources for Kindergarten 

How the Brain Learns Math  by David Sousa - Char’s Summary

Kathy Richardson - Math Book Resource

Workbook ideas

Transition Planning


Number Sense

Counting and Cardinality

Numbers and Operations Base 10

Mathematical Practices