Township of Hamburg Newsletter                    

April 2012

 Jackie Stalsberg – Clerk


From the Town Board:

If there are any concerns regarding any matter in the township, please do not hesitate to phone or attend a monthly meeting.  Your participation in the meetings are very much welcome.

Rod Erlandson – Chairman (452-3280)            

Jackie Stalsberg – Clerk (483-2313)

Gary Antoniewicz –Supervisor (483-2135)

Ron Humfeld – Supervisor (483-2379)

Dayna Schultz – Treasurer (452-3121)           

Roger or Marvin – Patrolmen (483-2570)

Sally Lindahl – Zoning & Dog License (608-799-0263)

Bob Irwin – Town Assessor (715-235-6941) or Andy Irwin

With the upcoming summer months starting to come into full swing, we are all looking at picking up, cleaning up etc.  Please keep in mind the following:

Large Item Days – May 5th, May 9th and May 12th.  Please be sure to bring your wallets for the items that you do drop off.  There is a charge to recycle or dispose of these items.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call a board member or Roger at the Town Hall

Burning Brush 

If you have brush to burn the first thing to do is call Fire Chief Russ Cornford 452-3077.  If he should not be available, please try Daryl Brye – Assistant Chief at 452-3206.  By calling one of these Fire Department people this will avoid a fire department call to your property.  Reminder if you do get a call from the fire department there is a charge of $500.00 per visit.  Please be aware of this and take the necessary precautions.

Monthly Board Meetings: 

The Township’s Monthly Board Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  Please watch the agenda postings each month for exact agenda & time.  Your participation in these meetings is your right.

April 3th  Polls Open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If you need an absentee ballot, please call Jackie and she will arrange this to be sent

April 10th @ 7 p.m. Annual Meeting

April 17th @ 6:30 Regular Board Meeting

Open Book & Board of Review: 

Just like every year we will be having the Annual Open Book and Board of Review.  This is the time our assessor will be available to discuss your assessment of your property.  You may also discuss any changes that you may have made to your property.  Open Book & Board of Review dates have not been picked and set as of yet.  As soon as we know the dates, they will be posted in the Westby Times.  They may in late August.  If you have any questions on this, please feel free to call, otherwise you may call our NEW assessor Bob & If there are any changes that have taken place on your assessment, you will receive official notice of this change via mail.

Fire Numbers Clear Away:

We have been asked to ensure that everyone takes time to clear the weeds or debris that may cause the fire department not to see your fire sign.  It is that time of the year that the weeds start to over-grow their boundaries and can cover the fire signs.  This sign is very important in case of an emergency.  Please take the time to clear the debris from your fire sign!!  If there are any fire signs that are damaged or in need of repair, please contact the patrolman “Roger”, he will check it out and order new sign if needed.


All property owners will need a Site Permit for ALL ACTIVITY in the Township.  This is regardless of cost.  In the past, the cost of the project determined the need for a permit.  From now on, any demolition, remodeling, construction or change will require a site permit.  These permits must be posted by your fire sign.  In this manner, the township will know about projects going on.  It will relieve neighbors of wondering if the project is approved and it will also help our assessor keep up with changes in property values.  Site permit applications are available at the Town Hall; they are placed in mailbox under glass cage, outside the front door.  If you have a project that you are thinking of starting, please contact Sally Lindahl at 608-799-0263, she will ask you to fill out the application, discuss the project with you and then advise you of the next step and if there is a permit cost involved.  See the attached permit application, and costing fee schedule.

It is the goal of the zoning committee to work with the residents to ensure the ordinance is followed and the needs of the community are served as well as possible. We will make every effort to help you reach your goal and comply with the ordinances.  We no longer have a Zoning Administrator.  The committee will handle this position as a team.  If you have any questions on an upcoming project, please contact Sally Lindahl on her cell 608-799-0263.  You may also contact any other board member for any other questions.


Many of us have to repair or replace fence.  Just a friendly reminder that you must follow the Zoning Guidelines.  You must place them 33 ft from the center line of any town road.  We have come across many issues in the past and we are stressing everyone must follow the guidelines other-wised be fined.


Please contact the clerk of any address changes.  I appreciated the calls for any updates.  We want to keep all residents on property owners aware of issues affecting you and newsletters is one of the best methods for accomplishing this goal.  Your assistance on this matter is greatly appreciated.   If you would like to see monthly meeting notes or newsletters via email, just send me an email stating this, I would be glad to send them out, along with saving postage.  My email is  We also have township website set up, our website is  Check this out for upcoming meetings or dates.

As most of you know, the township has been required by the county to take an accurate dog census. You should have received a call asking if you have a dog, along with the breed, color and fixed status. Thank you for answering these questions. The response has been excellent. The county has a dog fund for incidents with dogs. If the dog is licensed there may be funds available to help with the incidents. If the dog is not licensed then you are on your own. We are not the dog police and will not pursue you for a license. However, for your convenience we will now sell dog licenses year round. You may contact Sally Lindahl anytime at 799-0263 and she can help you with this. She will have the licenses available at the town hall on April 3 during elections. Stop in and buy a license. The fee is the same. $3.00 for fixed or $8.00 for unfixed dogs. If you go to the county they will charge you a $5.00 late fee after April 1. We won't do that as incentive for folks to get caught up on the dog licenses. You must have the dog(s)' current rabies vaccination certificate with the serial number and date given for the vaccine for each dog. Just bring it with you and we'll copy the information and you can keep it for use in subsequent years.


I want to personally thank the Town of Hamburg taxpayers for another successful tax season. Everything went very smoothly and I appreciate everybody’s cooperation in achieving this goal. For those of you that had questions regarding your assessment this year, remember to write them down and bring to open book (date forthcoming) to get your questions answered by the assessor. This is a great chance to review your property one on one with him. As always, please contact me if you have any other questions.


Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather. We don’t usually see people mowing their lawns in March.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few items with you from your Town Board.

As you recall, we hired a new assessor last year, Andy Irwin and Associates.  He is on board and will attend to our 2012 tax needs. We are pleased with this decision.  Please let us know if there are any problems or concerns.

We recently had the opportunity to purchase one acre of land that adjoins our current township dump site. This was done to plan for future facility needs. Thank you Herb and Lynn Berra!

The Town of Hamburg has been able to maintain a zero tax levy increase for the fifth consecutive year. This may be a challenge in the future as we prepare to withstand the financial implications of possible cutbacks from the state. We are currently in good financial shape.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me or any of the Town Board members. Hope to see you at the annual meeting.  Thank you for all your support.

Mark your calendars for reminder on important dates…….



April 10th, 2012 at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall