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Science Report 2


Christina Graves Reporting

On 3-17-11, an ATV EVA (EVA #6) was performed by Mitesh Agrawal and Jonathan Kosh.  The purpose of the EVA was to collect soil samples and geological data from a site on the San Rafael Swell (the site of the MDRS) for analysis.  The San Rafael Swell is characterized by both anticline and sedimentary rocks.  Geological data obtained includes rock morphology, type, and location, as well as Geiger counter readings.

Data obtained from the EVA is found below:

Site 1

Local time: 13:17

GPS Location Data (UTM):  12S 0519191        4250809        

Acc (m): 7

Alt (m): 1368

# of rocks larger than 6 in: 9

depth of collection: 0.5 in.

Geiger counter (mR/hr): 0.05-0.1; 0.2 (?)

Crew members Kosh and Agrawal arrived at the site of interest (Site 1) at 13:57.

A 6' x 6' area was marked and photographed at 12S 0519191  4250809 UTM (+/- 7m) at an altitude of 1368m (+/- 7m).   A 320.8g soil sample was collected at a depth of 0.5 in. In addition, a Geiger counter reading was taken of the area, with most readings between 0.05 - 0.1 mR/hr.  It should be noted that there was one "blip" in the readings which registered at 0.2 mR/hr; however, it is unclear whether this was an accurate reading or a technical artifact.  The area was a water run-off area; chosen because of the probability of bacterial variety at the site.  The site also serves as a potential model of a "primordial pool," thought to be necessary for life in prebiotic situations.  

The sample collected is a uniform sample of fine sand. There were several (9) larger rocks in the area, although none were collected for purposes of this experiment.  Larger rocks were classified as those greater than 6 in. in diameter.

Sample collection was limited on this EVA due to inclement weather (rain); therefore, samples were only obtained from 1 site.

Biological soil analysis (EZ N.A. Soil Analysis from Omega and PCR) will be performed at a later time to test for the presence of bacteria.

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