Superman vs. the Elite Title

June 24, 2012


This week’s show takes a look at the new DC Animated Feature: Superman vs. The Elite. Adapted from Action Comics #775 by Joe Kelly, Supes faces off with a new breed of “hero” that’s willing to cross lines the Man of Steel won’t… or so they think.

I make some comparisons to Kingdom Come as far as the “hero who kills” theme, and wax philosophical about the world. Mainly I talk about how good this movie is.

This is a darker story for Superman then we’re use to, and definitely earns its PG-13 rating. It’s also nice to see the Man of Tomorrow put to the test and defend his simple, and possibly obsolete, code of justice and honor against heroes that revel in their power.

Does Superman come out on top? Does he cross the line and fight The Elite on their level? Would the world be better off with Heroes that kill?

Watch Superman vs The Elite and find out!

***X’s Note ***

Best Buys? Hmmm... Maybe they should be a sponsor of the Shotcast! OOOH & Amazon too!

In the Revenge of the Animation Shotcast! (June 10, 2012) I talked about the Thundercats Animated Series. Sadly, since then it has been announced that the show has been canceled. EPIC FAIL!

Shout out to  new listener and  Amber who I meet recently where she tried to stump me with some comic book trivia. Silly mortal. Congratulations on your graduation from all of us here at Alt3red Egos!

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