The 2018 Annual General Meeting will be held on  

TUESDAY 30th OCTOBER at 7.00pm 

in the bowls pavilion


  1. Apologies for absence


  1. Minutes of the 2017 AGM   (attached)

  1. Chairman’s report

  1. To receive the Treasurer’s report and adopt the accounts  

Fund raising – whist drives, 100 Club, Bonus Ball, Quiz night – any other suggestions


  1. Secretary’s report

2018  Results and captains’ comments (detailed reports from Paul and Ray attached)

                                                      P        W        D        L        SD        Pts

BH – John                15        4        1        10        -54        29

John disappointing results – matches often clashed with other league matches.

BHM – Keith                11        8        1        2        93        48

Not many put down their names to play but the BHM had a good season.  Keith will not captain in 2019.

CD4 – Paul                20        12                8        135        77

Missed promotion by one point. Thanks to Ray for captaining the team in Paul’s absence and also to the division 5 players who played.  Paul intended to continue with the internet system for selecting teams.

CD5 – Ray                18        8                10        -250        52

Enjoyable season.  Players must remember to put their names down on the notice board for availability.

County – Bob                14        0                14        -525        10

If winning is the criterion for a good season then it was not a good season.  Next season may be easier now that division one and two have been sorted.  Thanks to the core of players who played every game.

E&D – Ray                   22        9        1        12        -91        63

Best season for results for many a year.

        11 players retired or did not play this season.  We have recruited 4 new players.

        It was pleasing to see members coming along to support teams that they do not play in eg div 5 players watching div 4 and vice versa.  

              We had five players who reached C&D semi finals and two reached the finals this year.  

        Green – thanks to the seven members who keep the green cut.  

We are fortunate to have so many helpers.  

Thanks also to Colin and his team for keeping the banks of the green neat and tidy.


        The C&D Committee are proposing that players be allowed to wear “grey bowls tailored shorts”.  I have sent in an amendment to the proposal (seconded by City) which I expect to be turned down:  “...... grey bowls tailored shorts, or Bowls England Approved shorts.”

Club Competitions

Three competitions were lost this year because of the lack of lady entries.  If we do not get a good response from the ladies next year I shall replace these competitions with a 2-4-2 pairs but played to C&D rules and maybe a pairs where all the bowls within a yard count – as per our Bank Holiday Monday Drive.

If we have 16 members entering the singles I may run four groups of four giving everyone a minimum of three games.  As you know in a knockout if you lose first round that’s it.  

Having the semi finals on the Saturday seemed to work well.

PLEASE ensure that you are available to play both Saturday and Sunday of the Finals weekend before entering.  Our Finals weekend is held on the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of August.

John will not continue with the Wednesday afternoon league because of poor attendance.

We were unable to enter a club team in the Trumpington President’s day.  

Next season I shall pass the invite on to those who wish to enter in their own name.

  1. Committee’s ideas/suggestions for discussion

        Season 2019

        Question:   How many of you will be willing to play in:




        County Triples



7        Election of Officers, Committee and Captains

Present Committee and Captains:

Hon President - G Sheen         Chairman – D Palmer        Secretary   -   J Daniels         

Treasurer   -   C Nunn             Asst Sec/Treas - T Arthur            

Webmaster -  M Duncan    

Auditor   -   L Gray

                Executive Committee (captains are automatically members of the committee) -  K Collyer  M Nunn           M Stearn  J Tilley  

                Captains:  BH – John H  BHM Keith O  C&D4 - Paul   C&D5 – Ray  E&D  Ray          TPL –Bob N

                Election of Chairman:  Bob Norman has been proposed.

                Election of BHM captain:


        8        Web update (Malcolm)

        9        A. O. B.




The Annual General Meeting will be held on  WEDNESDAY 18th OCTOBER at 7.00pm in the bowls pavilion


  1. Apologies for absence – Dennis Chapman Pat Godden


  1. Minutes of the AGM held on 11th November 2016  (see below)

  1. Chairman’s report

  1. Secretary’s report (page) and Proposals that:

  1. To receive the Treasurer’s report:

Fund raising

To adopt the accounts and

To agree fees structure for 2018

  1. Election of Officers, Committee and Captains

Present Committee and Captains:

Hon President - G Sheen         Chairman – D Palmer        Secretary   -   J Daniels         

Treasurer   -   C Nunn             Asst Sec/Treas - T Arthur            Webmaster -  M Duncan    

Auditor   -   L Gray

Executive Committee  -   P Godden  J Herbert  B Norman M Nunn  M Stearn  J Tilley                Captains:  BH – John H  C&D4 - Paul   C&D5 – David   E&D – Ray

TPL – Bob/Trevor

  1. Web update (Malcolm)

  1. A. O. B.



Secretary’s report

We are fortunate to have the number of helpers that we have to look after the green and its surrounds.  Chris Hunt our contractor tells me that we have more helping than most clubs. We have seven who help with the green: Arn, Bob N, Jim, John, Paddy (a social member), Paul and Ray.  Thanks to all.  If we could get one more then we would have four pairs.  I have tried to ensure that the task is not too onerous.

Colin has a band of volunteers who look after the surrounds:  thanks also to them.

A special thanks goes to Jenny Herbert and Linda Gooch, neither of whom are members, for keeping the surrounds neat and tidy.

Thanks also to Gordon Butler, another social member, for painting seats.

All clubs rely on a few to do the many tasks needed for the club to function.  I think that Godfrey has certainly done more than his fair share over the past 27 years.  For example he has bought milk, washing up liquid, paper towels, toilet rolls and made sure that the toilets are well stocked, collected, bread and biscuits from Tesco, etc etc. He has decided to retire from these tasks.  So we offer a huge thanks to Godfrey.  How do we follow that?  This may become clearer later in the meeting.

Club competitions seem to have worked well.  The mixed triples games were very competitive.  The one difficulty of course is getting six people to agree a date to play.

Is our club successful? In many ways "yes" - socials e.g. Whist, quiz, BBQ and finals, working parties etc.  In competitions Spencer and Paul won the BH 242 competition.  Ray Malcolm and Jim were runners-up in the C and D Lacon Cup, Jim the Men's Singles and Spencer won the Two Wood Singles.

In terms of league results this season the answer must be "not very" - we are all getting older and less active.  This has been noticeable when at times we have struggled to field a team.

BH    John comments:  I would like to thank all the members who supported the BH men's league this season. We finished mid table and our win/lose results were an exact replica of the 2016 season although we did improve our shot difference and I look forward to the 2018 season.

CD4 After losing the last two games 6-1 the team missed out on promotion and finished fourth.

CD5  the team won three games in August but finished bottom just two points behind City B.

TPL - The County triples won three games. Proposal made by the County that the Fours League be withdrawn and that two leagues of triples formed with promotion and relegation.

E&D – comments from Ray. This year has been slightly easier to pick a team as it was rare to get more than 15 wanting to play,where as in previous years the number wanting to play has given us the idea of maybe having two E/D teams. And it was only towards the end of the season that some of us played 2 games in a day. (Which we try and avoid if possible.)  If my memory serves me correctly I only had to call on  2 members of the club to play at the last minute through late drop outs - not bad considering we played 26 games-  Thanks to all who bowled and I hope they enjoyed it.  

We expressed an interest in a separate division of the C&D League playing three rinks of three but this will not happen as Eternit are the only other club showing an interest.

MOBC Committee has recommended that we withdraw a team.

The proposal before this AGM:

That we withdraw Milton A from the Cambridge and District League

If this is carried then I propose that we apply to enter another team in the BH Pairs League and/or a mixed team provided that we can find captains.

Finally I know that Bob N wants to discuss hospitality.  What do we think of providing tea and biscuits?  Did it work satisfactorily?  If there is wish to revert to full refreshments I suggest that we vote for the County Triples and C and D teams separately.

There are approximately ten home games for each team.   I would like to see others help with the teas.  Perhaps the captains should allocate this task as we used to do.  How many times would you have to do it? Once twice at the most - wouldn't it be lovely if non players helped? In the E and D Ray, Peggy and I often did the teas and washing up thus allowing the players to get on with their game.

And finally finally how can we encourage more people to play in the Wednesday afternoon league?  Would it be more successful if played on Saturdays?

And just to finish completely:

Do we still want a friendly with Stretham?

Do we want a friendly with Southery (away)?

Do we still want to enter a mixed team in the Trumpington President's Day in August? If so perhaps we should look to send a different four to play in 2018?  Who would be interested?

October 2017


The Annual General Meeting will be held on  FRIDAY 11th NOVEMBER 2016 at 7.00pm in the bowls pavilion


  1. Apologies for absence  
  2. Minutes of the AGM held on 11th November 2015  (see below)
  3. Chairman’s Address
  4. Secretary’s report

North section:  Chippenham Ely Beet Ely City Fordham A/B Haddenham Isleham

Littleport A/B  Mildenhall  Soham A/B Stretham.

Now is the time to ensure that you have entered any BH, C&D, County and E&D competitions.


  1. Wednesday afternoon sessions report (John H) – how can we encourage more to take part?
  2. Green Keeper’s report (attached) – where do we go from here?
  3. To receive the Treasurer’s report:

         to adopt the accounts and

         to agree fees structure for 2017

8        Election of Officers, Committee and Captains

Present Committee and Captains:

Hon President - G Sheen                 Chairman – D Palmer                Secretary   -   J Daniels         

Treasurer   -   C Nunn                     Asst Sec/Treas - T Arthur            Webmaster -  M Duncan    

Auditor   -   L Gray

                Executive Committee  -   P Godden  J Herbert  B Norman M Nunn  M Stearn  J Tilley  R Wright

                Captains:  BH - Jim   C&D4 - Lorna   C&D5 – David   E&D – Ray   TPL – Trevor

        9        Proposal to have a No Smoking Policy for the whole green and its surrounds inside the gates

        10        Web update (Malcolm)

        11        A. O. B.

Jim   04/11/16



A.G.M. 11th November 2016

I ended my report last year by saying, “This coming year could well be my last year as greenkeeper, so I am looking for an apprentice.”

That time has now arrived and from the AGM I am retiring as Greenkeeper. There are now more members helping with the green who are quite capable of continuing in the role. If no one comes forward to be greenkeeper then there are basically two options. The green is managed by committee with joint responsibility or Chris Hunt of Progreen is asked to cut through the summer as well as winter; spring and autumn. I have been pondering on the question of retiring over the last 5 years and now I feel the time is ripe.

I will arrange for the mowers to be serviced by Pecks of Ely as usual.

Although we were considering looking for a newer mower to replace the Ransome Certes which we have managed to keep going this season.

The green was cut lower than normal and the result was a much faster bowling surface. I know Jim thinks we should go back to a slightly higher cut. What do you think?

The hedges will need a cut in the spring by Buchans. They have been a bit neglected this year. Edgar has offered to get one of his contacts to remove the Berberis bushes, which would be an improvement as they are encroaching on the surround.

My thanks go to all those that have helped cut the green and manage the surrounds. Colin & Margaret Nunn have done sterling work on keeping the surrounds neat and tidy but they do need more volunteers to help with this work.

Chris Hunt of Progreen has given good service again this year and I recommend that we continue using him as our contractor.  He put the green to bed on 30th September.

BOB WATERS (Greenkeeper)