Cookie Burgers

By Heather of Kitchen Concoctions:

For small burgers:

Vanilla wafers

Thin mint cookies/Keebler Grasshopper cookies

Red frosting (homemade or store bought)

Green frosting

For large burgers:

Pecan sandies cookies

Devil’s food cookies

Red frosting green (homemade or store bought)

Green frosting

Place rounded side of pecan sandies/vanilla wafer cookie on work area. On flat side of cookie place a small dot of frosting (to secure the other cookie on top). Place ‘burger’ (Devil’s Food/Thin Mint Cookie) on top of small dot of frosting.

Using a back and forth motion, drizzle green frosting back and forth on chocolate cookie to make ‘lettuce’. Squeeze a large dot of red frosting on top of green frosting to form ‘tomato’.

Top chocolate cookie and frosting with additional ‘bun’ (pecan sandies/vanilla wafer cookie) placing flat side down.