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Victoria Insight Meditation Society (VIMS)

Annual General Meeting

May 4, 2012

The first annual general meeting of the Victoria Insight Meditation Society was held on May 4, 2012 at the home of Brock Brown and June Fukushima at 4013 Magdelin St., Victoria, BC  V8N 3M5. The meeting commenced at 1:50 p.m. with a short meditation.

Present:        Brock Brown                

                Joyce Elliott                

                June Fukushima        

                Joan Glover                

                John Hilditch                

                Rod House

At the commencement of the meeting all resigned their positions as directors. Brock Brown agreed to chair the meeting.


1.        It was noted that a quorum was present.

2.        The notice of meeting and agenda were circulated to the members more than two weeks prior to the meeting. It was moved by Joan Glover that the agenda be approved. All were in favour. Brock declared the motion passed.

3.        As this is the first annual general meeting no previous minutes were considered

4.        A financial report and financial statements for 2011 were pre-circulated by the treasurer, Joan Glover. (attached) Thanks were expressed to Joan for her complete report and fine work as treasurer.

5.        Directors’ Reports: The following directors reports were received by the members:        Chairperson’s Report:                                Brock Brown

                Sunday Night Community Sit                 Brock Brown

                Newsletter and Website Editor Report        June Fukushima

                Technology and Communications                Rod House

                Study Group                                        John Hilditch

                Home Sits                                        John Hilditch

                VVC/VIMS retreats                                Joyce Elliott

                Financial Report                                Joan Glover

Brock thanked the previous directors for their fine work on the council and for their excellent reports. (attached)

6.        Sandra Joy and John Hilditch separately reviewed the financial records and are satisfied that the records are accessible and accurate to the best of their knowledge. John sent a written report to the council expressing his satisfaction. John Hilditch moved that an auditor’s examination and report not be sought. All were in favour. Brock declared the motion passed. It is the intention of the council to obtain a similar review of records before each annual general meeting.

7.        June Fukushima moved that the annual membership fees be zero. All were in favour. Brock declared the motion passed.

8.        Election of Officers:  Rod House moved that the following positions be filled by acclamation:        Brock Brown:                president

                Rod House:                vice-president

                John Hilditch:                secretary

                Joyce Elliott:                director

All were in favour. Brock declared the motion passed.

Joan Glover indicated that she did not wish to continue as treasurer and has resigned from council. June Fukushima expressed willingness to take on the role of treasurer, with the additional aim to determine the needs of the position and make recommendations to council. Joyce Elliott moved that June Fukushima be acclaimed treasurer. All were in favour. Brock declared the motion passed. Rod suggested that June’s report and recommendations should be received by the council. Joan has agreed to serve as a back-up and consultant for June in this new position.

9.        John Hilditch moved that, as policy, members of Victoria Insight Meditation Society Council will automatically become members of Victoria Insight meditation Society. All were in favour. Brock declared the motion passed.

10.        There being no further business Brock Brown declared the meeting ended.

The meeting terminated at 2:30 p.m.

                Brock Brown, Chair                        John Hilditch, Secretary