1. Stay within playground boundaries and away from off-limit areas.

2. Play games only in approved and designated areas.

3. Follow play equipment and game rules.

4. Leave pens and pencils in the classroom.

5. Leave soil, dirt, stones, sticks, rocks or other objects alone.

6. No throwing of rocks, sticks, etc, is permitted.

7. Stay away from structures such as poles, fences, trees or other things not intended as playground equipment. Stay out of the bushes and no climbing in the trees.

8. Students are not allowed to play on the stairs or near gates and doors. Do not block gates or doors.

9. No eating (including candy and gum) on the playground. Lunches must be eaten in the cafeteria.

10. Respect other people’s space. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. No play fighting or horseplay.

11. Practicing of Judo, Karate, etc. moves at school is not allowed.

12. Jump ropes are to be used only for jumping. Hula hoops are not to be used for pulling or pushing.

13. No balls bounced against buildings. Hold balls when waiting in line.

14. Be courteous and a good sport. Treat others with respect.

15. Chasing, tagging, bullying, teasing, name calling and spitting are inappropriate behaviors.

16. No fighting. Report bullying to an adult.

17. Never enter the building without a teacher’s permission.

18. Always return borrowed playground equipment.

19. Stop playing immediately when the signal is given. (Verbal signal or blown whistle.)


Rules for Playground Equipment Use


Climbing Apparatus

1. When holding on to equipment, use a firm grip by hooking the thumb around the equipment to meet the opposing fingers.

2. Hold on with both hands.

3. Do not sit on the apparatus

4. Do not play under the apparatus

5. Do not carry anything when climbing on the apparatus


Hanging Rings

1. Only one person at a time on the rings.

2. Travel in the same direction.

3. Do not hang by the legs. Do not perform stunts.


Horizontal Ladders and Bars

1. Only one person at a time on the ladder.

2. Start at one end of the apparatus and move in one direction

3. Stay well behind the person in front and watch out for swinging feet.

4. Do not hang by legs

5. Do not stand or sit on the top bar.



1. Only one person at a time on the sliding surface

2. When climbing, hold on with both hands.

3. Climb one step at a time.

4. Do not go up the sliding surface or the frame.

5. Always slide down the slide facing forward and sitting up. Never head first on your back or stomach. Do not run or crawl up the slide.

6. Make sure bottom of the slide is clear before sliding down.




1. Walk at all times in the lunchroom.

2. Sit only at assigned table. Do not get out of your seat without permission.

3. Stay in line in the same order as you enter. Wait in line patiently.

4. Students bringing their own lunch walk directly to your assigned table.

5. Students are to use quiet voices during the lunch period.

6. Use acceptable manners and appropriate language.

7. Eat your own food. Never take someone else’s food.

8. Never play with or throw food or drink.

9. Clean up your own eating area before leaving.

10. Remain seated at your table until you are dismissed by an adult.

11. Raise your hand if you need help.

12. Food is to be eaten in the Lunchroom, not outside.

13. No playing in the Lunchroom.



1. Students who need to go to the office, do errands for their teachers, use the restrooms, etc. MUST have a hall pass.

2. No lingering or playing in the bathrooms. Use lavatories as you would the ones in your own home.

3. Gum chewing and eating candy is prohibited.

4. All toys, trading cards, radios, recorders, cell phones, CD players, iPods, jewelry, dolls, etc. are to be kept at home and are not to be brought to school. (Students wishing to bring them for “Show and Tell” must have prior teacher approval.) Such items are easily lost, stolen, or broken.




1. Follow the bus driver’s and bus attendant’s instructions.

2. Remain seated and face forward when the bus is moving.

3. Use a quiet voice, and keep your body inside the bus.

4. Food, drinks, candy, and gum are not permitted on the bus. Do not litter.


For additional information see The Student Bill of Rights at