OpenStreetMap Foundation

Licensing Working Group

  Tuesday 31st July 2012

18:00 - 19:08 GMT

Agenda & Minutes


Present: Grant Slater, Dermot McNally, Michael Collinson,  Simon Poole


Minutes by: Michael

1. Adoption of Minutes of last meetings

The LWG last met July 24th.

Proposed: Dermot

Seconded: Simon



2. MATTERS ARISING (open action items from previous meetings)

  • Grant - Get a license and attribution page link as an XML Comment into these APIs: Rails API. (should be complete soon)
  • Mike -  combine Bing Imagery License comments as a succinct list for forwarding to Microsoft legal.
  • Mike - Incorporate into foundation landing page
  • Mike - Provide text to Grant re and friends in Sept 20th minutes. ?OS or linking to attribution page or both? … liaise with CWG 
  • Mike - Thank pavel for kindly agreeing to use the bulk of his contributions.
  • Grant - DMCA address update (ongoing)
  • Grant - We also need to have better set of DMCA-related links to satisfy US / UK / German law.
  • Mike - Data imports & reciprocal licenses. Air to Management team and to legal-talk
  • Grant - formal DMCA web-form completion before redaction ends, (as distinct from free-form email or postal letter).

3. Finalise today's agenda

4. Redaction Bot progress

Andy Allan reported to the rebuild list that the redaction bot completed its final pass 2012-07-25 at 18:16 UTC.  101,859,280 entities globally were examined and processed …much faster than anybody thought it would run.

Our thanks again to all the rebuild and technical team that made this happen.

5. Review of

As per Richard F's request.  This will be sent to major data 'resellers' asap: Cloudmade,  Geofabrik, Mapbox, Mapquest, etc.

Looks good. In discussion we also note that there is a need to nominate a specific linkable place to announce the actual license change date … this can also be used so that we can start updating all our public FAQ from CC-BY-SA to ODbl but avoid giving the impression that the change-over has actually happened.

6. Our position on license change-over date and any remaining issues, prerequisites

LWG notes that:

  • With the completion of the redaction bot, it is now possible to consider changing the license under which OSM geodata is published from CC-BY-SA to ODbL.
  • So far, there appear no reasons to delay this change due to any technical or rule-based failures of the redaction bot.
  • In any case, the way the redaction bot was designed and functions, any corrections or extra rules can be applied seamlessly to the live database with no disruption or permanent “damage”.
  • However,
  • A number of allegations have been made that OSM users have “copied and pasted” data, i.e. have made copies of objects made or edited by non-continuing contributors and then re-introduced them in to the database as their own contribution. DWG is looking at these and will remove if required.
  • An email received from UMP (Poland) community members alleges that imported UMP data for which there is no specific waiver for continued use still remains in the database.  This appears to resolve to whether certain OSM changesets should or should not be in the black list and white list used by the redaction bot. If the copyright owner can assert that specific objects are their intellectual property, we are happy to remove them.
  • Measured on current performance, the rebuild team and DWG clearly have the volunteers and tools to deal with any local clean-ups quickly.

Therefore, the LWG’s position is that the license change-over can go ahead in the very near future provided the following conditions are met:

  • DWG can report that all the currently open issues outlined above have, to their best judgement, been adequately dealt with and expose no systematic problem with the redaction process.  Action on DWG with support from rebuild team. LWG recommends that Andy Allan, if he is willing, be retained to oversee this process and do any extra post-redaction coding work required. Mike - Send email
  • (LWG recommends that any issue reported after today, or any further follow-up on closed issues, should dealt with by our DMCA take-down system outside the license change-over process.)
  • Enhancements to our DMCA take-down system have been completed and that the take-down process is clearly communicated. Action on LWG to do the completion, LWG will then ask CWG to test whether it is easy to locate and coherent.
  • The OSMF Board formally endorses the change-over. Action OSMF board once LWG makes the request.
  • The date for the change is adequately publicised. Action on CWG.

We further recommend:

  • Disable or modify Potlatch version 1
  • wiki template with a disclaimer about whether license change has or has not happened.
  • the official announcement should be done on

7. Any CWG TODO items we should add or be involved in?

8. AOB

Next Meeting:

Tuesday August 7th 18:00 UTC / 19:00 BST(UK) / 20:00 CEST