Skyping with the Seasons

We would skype with a class from Queensland, Australia. We decided on this area because their seasons are completely opposite from ours in America. It would be cool to skype the whole class with a window behind them so we can show the difference in weather as well as discuss different weather temperatures and other conditions. We would only skype with them once a week after we observe our own weather and record our observations to compare with theirs in Australia. Before we would start skyping with their class we would send them cards that allowed them space to record their weather patterns for the whole week and enough to last them for one month. Even though we are only skyping with them once a week, it would still be interesting to see their weather conditions for the whole month as well. Once we have recorded the weather for one month we will send our cards over to them and they will send their cards back to us. This way we can see what their month of weather was like, instead of just the once a week meeting over skype. This would be a good lesson to do when comparing opposite weather patterns within the Northern and Southern hemispheres.