“To build a movement of folks who think it’s time for LGBT people to experience every bar, sports game, event, and major travel destination the same way straight people do.”

About TWC

The Welcoming Committee is an events and travel company for the LGBT community that plans, markets, and facilitates “takeovers” of spaces that can seem unwelcoming to LGBT people. Despite 50+ years of progress for LGBT rights, many social spaces like nightclubs, sporting events, and travel destinations remain unwelcoming and are perceived as homophobic. Through its official events, TWC enables LGBT people to experience social spaces the same way straight people do by bringing hundreds of LGBT people to an event, or “takeover” as we call them, to create the type of comfort that exists for gay people in gay bars. Through its mobile app, TWC allows members to crowdsource the creation of popup gay bars anywhere, at anytime, helping members to answer the question, “Which nearby bars are trending gay tonight?”

Working at TWC

The growing team is startup-y, business-y, tech-y, and dedicated to gay rights. We bring together a blend of user experience enthusiasm, hostess-with-the-mostess sensibility, C.J. Cregg-inspired attention to messaging, and a nerdy obsession with data. TWC headquarters is in Cambridge, MA. We hope you live nearby.

Applying for positions

Please check out the job descriptions below. If one looks interesting to you then email the founder (Hi, I’m Daniel) directly. Cover letters and resumes are delicious, but definitely not required. Please introduce yourself any way you like.

Open positions:

Product Manager & Marketer

TWC is looking for candidates with product management and marketing experience to take the “TWC” app to the next level. The role consists of three components:

Great candidates have startup, product management, and/or marketing experience, but all people who describe themselves as analytical, social, and creative should apply immediately.

National Field Organizer

TWC, with 10,000+ Boston-based members, aims to expand to the 15 largest US metro areas over the next 18 months. We’re seeking a road warrior with field organizing experience (think “Obama field operative”) to bring the movement nationwide. The job is based in Boston, but the candidate should expect to spend at least 2 weeks per month, after an initial onboarding period, conquering new cities. The role consists of three components:

Great candidates are passionate about the TWC mission, love to travel, are comfortable forming relationships in new places, already have a strong network across the country, and have a proven track record of being resourceful and meeting aggressive goals. Experience on the campaign trail and/or bringing a product/service to new markets are great preparation for this role, but we’re open to a variety of backgrounds.

Chief Traveler

        TWC is looking for an ambitious, creative, marketing-oriented, travel-loving, business savvy, people-person with an entrepreneurial spirit to launch our “Destinations Takeover” business. LGBT travel is a $55 billion market and we intend to be the leader in under 2 year. Existing LGBT travel offerings rebuild gay bars in the locations they rent out. “Destination Takeover” travel is exactly the opposite -- we provide our members comfortable access to destinations in their normal state by bringing a critical mass of LGBT people and their friends so that they can enjoy those destinations the same comfortable way straight people do. The role consists of four components:

        Great candidates not only have a love for travel and organizing trips, but are excited about redefining LGBT travel. While experience in the travel industry is a bonus, candidates with strong leadership, marketing, and execution backgrounds are encouraged to apply. We expect this to be our largest division within a short timeframe, so we are looking for someone who has the capacity to grow with the role.

Have a question? Want to submit an application?

Contact Daniel Heller: daniel@thewelcomingcommittee.com