What is iControlPad?

iControlPad is a gaming control pad that connects to any iOS-device via bluetooth.  Its size is about 7cm x 12cm x 1.5cm (basically the same controls and layout as in the PlayStation 2 controller), it has internal battery which is charged with mini-USB cable.

How to pair iControlpad with your device?

You have to do pairing of your device only once. You might need help from person that can see the markings on buttons:

First you need to put iControlPad to iOS-mode. You do it by holding keys A, B and X down (use right thumb, in previous help text these were buttons left, up and down) and then holding Start-button down for about 5 seconds. Led starts to blink.

Open iPhone's / iPad's Settings/General/Bluetooth.

Turn it on if it isn't. You should see "iControlPad-XXXX" on a list. Select it.

Now pairing is done (this needs to be done only once).

When you start BlindSquare, you can check if it works by pressing "Y". It should say "A", "B", ...

Device goes to sleep automatically if it's not used. To wake it up, keep Start-button down for 5 secs.

How to use iControlPad with BlindSquare

When the iControlPad is connected to BlindSquare, 10 keys are used to control the system.

It works best when attached to backpack's shoulder strap vertically, “D-pad” heading upwards. There is currently no solution for attaching iControlPad to backpack’s shoulder strap -- However a prototype of such attachment system exists.

It has the following controls (if the controller is  mounted vertically):

Start-button (in the middle, lower):

Cancel-button (in the middle, above Start):

4 round buttons on bottom is used for search:

D-pad is used for menu actions: