We Are All Trainers – Useful Notes

The roleplay thread was started by gamerex 27 on February 7, 2011, exists at the TVTropes forum reachable in this URL. If post numbers are given (eg.: #12345), an easy way to reach them is via the following addition to the URL:


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Originally this roleplay was part of the Forum Games and followed a loose, if any, plot and continuity, but has grown and solidified ever since into a full-blown continuity(es) that functions as a sort of fluff for the Pokédex Extended Fanon Edition project as well. As a remainder of the Forum Games days, a signup is not required, it is possible to simply “jump in” instead after handing some basic information to us in the discussion thread so that we can interact with your character; there is only one exception to the “always welcome” guideline, which is adequately noted in the Trope Page.

However, while sign up is not required, there is a (WIP) list of things that players are not allowed to do, and things that players should ideally always ask before doing. [LINK PENDING]

Players sign up being, well, Pokémon Trainers, and thus can bring in a team as well, no Legendaries allowed. As a general rule, Trainers can communicate with their own Pokémon up to a certain level, due to familiarity, but not understand what other Pokémon are saying. However there are later events that might allow a player to understand “monese”, the common language spoken by all Pokémon. If your character is capable of understanding Pokémon language right off the bat, you’ll probably need a justification.

Table of contents

We Are All Trainers – Useful Notes

Recommended Reading

The Trainers

Pokémon Forms

Names, Ages and Origins

Family Relationships



The Pokémon

Starter Pokémon

Family / Friendship Relationships

Special Mechanics

Roles Out of Training

About the RP



Conveniently Sorted Data Per Region:

Legendary Affiliations and Chosen Ones

The Dream World


Official Couples

Shipping Fics Authored by Sunny

Hoenn’s Trendy Phrase

Trivia / Meta

Franchise References

Videogame Mini-arc Runs

Videogames that Giratina the First has Mixed with the RP-verse

Wolf’s Orange Islands Chain Trade Sequence

The Mindscapes

Behind the Names









Miscellaneous Facts

Known Methods of Communication with Pokémon

Differences Between the Original and Alternate Universes

Recommended Reading

The Players

This is the list of players up to the most recent edit. For each player there is the Trainer Name and the troper handle.

Full List of Trainers:

(note: this information will be eventually moved to the wiki)

Jane (Calamity Jane) (retired)

Anom (Anomalocaris 20)

Tagg (rmctagg09)

Gamer (gamerex 27)

Slouch (Slouch)

Luke (Luke 924)

DS (Darker Shining)

Pentigan (Pentigan)

Daisy (daisy, littlequeen, lilqueendaisy)

Wolf (Bad Wolf 21)

Crewe (Crewe) (character retired)

Meddler (The Meddler)

Fool (Pipping Fool)

A (Agent Dragonhunter) (retired)

Straw (strawberryflavored)

Tracer (The Ginkei, Tracer Bullet)

Mezzo (Mezzopiano)

Star (stargirl 93)

Casval (Pikaninja 7)

Every (memyselfand I 2)

Tangent (Tangent 128)

Silent (Silent Reverence)

Rex (Hobgoblin)

Ori (Orichalcon) (retired)

Parisse (Bloodmonkey)

OuRex (OuRex)

Umbramatic (Umbramatic)

49 (Troper 49) (retired)

Jeff (sixthhokage1)

Onion (Malgent)

Ashley/Hunter (Crewe)

Male trainers: Anom, Tagg, Gamer, Slouch, Luke, Pentigan, Wolf, Straw, Tracer, Casval, Every, Tangent, Silent, Rex, Ori, Parisse, Jeff, Umbra, 49, Onion, Hunter

Female trainers: Jane, DS, Daisy, Crewe, Meddler, Fool, A, Mezzo, Star, OuRex, Ashley

Pokémon Forms

Certain events in the story allow player to turn into a specific Pokémon, tied to their deepest relationships and desires. One’s Pokéform’s species is permanen, but it is possible to evolve it by the same means a normal Pokémon does.

While in their Pokéform, a player is as normal as any other Pokémon. This includes such thing as being catchable.

Jane: Gardevoir

Amom: Armaldo

Tagg: Swampert

Gamer: Raichu

Slouch: Ursaring

Luke: Feraligatr

DS: Espeon

Pentigan: Lopunny

Daisy: Piplup

Wolf: Glaceon

Crewe: Sneasel

Meddler: Mudkip

Fool: Simipour

A: Pawniard

Straw: Ditto

Tracer: Archen

Mezzo: Purrloin

Star: Luxio

Casval: Pikachu

Every: Dunsparce

Tangent: Tropius

Silent: Nidoran♂

Rex: Spinda

Ori: Deerling

Parisse: ?

Kim: Riolu

OuRex: ?

Umbra: ???

49: ???

Jeff: ???

Onion: ???

Ashley: ???

NPCs’ Pokémon forms:

N: Zoroark

Katie: Shiny Cyndaquil

Lyra: Smoochum

Forte: Eevee

Pianissimo: Vanillite

Features that stay the same regardless of form: 

Tagg: A mole under his left gill while in Swampert form.

DS: Keeps her green eyes while in Espeon form.

Anom: Has a faint scar on his carapace while in Armaldo form.

Star: Keeps her dark brown eyes as a Shinx. (Hasn’t been mentioned yet in-story)

Names, Ages and Origins

Real (in-RP) names:

Gamer: Joshua Goldman

Meddler: Rebecca Goldman

DS: Stine (pronounced "Stee-neh").

Fool: Sol, full name Solana Malkewitz

Crewe: Helen

Wolf: Thomas Wolf

Jane: Jane Belen

Every: Every Memito

Star: Lucy

Tagg: Richard

Anom: Anthony

Umbra: Joseph Nox

Mezzo: Mezzopiano Morendo

Forte: Mezzoforte Morendo

Pianis: Pianissimo Morendo

Onion: Malgent

The given nicks of PEFE researchers are assumed to be either aliases or codenames.

Trainer ages (in-RP):

Tagg: 20

Jane: 17

Gamer: 17

Anom: 18

Luke: 20

DS: 20

Wolf: 19

Crewe: 14

Meddler: 13

Fool: 17

Mezzo: 16

Casval: 23.

Every: 16

Straw: 16

Star: 18

Tangent: 21

Silent: 23

Tracer: Ambiguous, but likely somewhere in his early 20s.

Rex: 15

Ori: 17

Parisse: ?

OuRex: ?

Umbra: Immortal, but is physically around his early to mid 20s

49: ?

Jeff: 16

Onion: ?

Ashley: 15

DS, Wolf, Crewe, Mezzo, and Star all wear glasses. Mezzo wears contacts in the AU.

Trainer Hometowns:

Trainers from Kanto: Tagg, Straw, Tracer, OuRex

Trainers from Johto: Slouch, Luke, Wolf, Tangent, Rex

Trainers from Hoenn: Jane, Gamer, Anom (Born in Oblivia, grew up in Hoenn), Meddler, Pentigan, Jeff

Trainers from Sinnoh: DS, Star, Crewe, Ashley

Trainers from Unova: Mezzo, Every, Casval, Fool (Born in Hoenn, grew up in Unova), Ori, Onion

Trainers from other/unknown regions: Daisy (Orre), A, Silent, Umbra, 49, Parisse

Or, more specifically...

Jane: Lavaridge Town, Hoenn

Anom: Rustboro City, Hoenn (born in Tilt Village, Oblivia)

Tagg: Nondescript town near Viridian City, Kanto

Gamer: Littleroot Town, Hoenn

Slouch: New Bark Town, Johto

Luke: New Bark Town, Johto

DS: Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh (born in Jubilife City, Sinnoh)

Pentigan: An unknown island off the coast of Stateport City, Hoenn

Daisy: Agate Village, Orre

Wolf: Ecruteak City, Johto

Crewe: Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh

Meddler: Littleroot Town, Hoenn

Fool: Pinwheel Forest, Unova (born in Dewford Town, Hoenn)

A: ?

Straw: Saffron City, Kanto

Tracer: Celadon City, Kanto

Mezzo: Castelia City, Unova

Star: Pastoria City, Sinnoh

Casval: Route 9, Unova

Tangent: Azalea Town, Johto

Silent: Goldenrod City, Johto (born in an unstated non-canon region)

Every: Nimbasa City, Unova

Rex: Goldenrod City, Johto

Ori: Abundant Shrine, Unova

Parisse: ?

OuRex: Cerulean City, Kanto

Umbra: ?

49: ?

Jeff: Slateport City, Hoenn

Onion: Castelia City, Unova

Ashley: ?

Family Relationships

(For other relationships see eg.: Couples)

Gamer and Meddler are brother and sister.

Star has a brother named Ian.

Mezzopiano has a brother named Mezzoforte, and another named Pianissimo.

Wolf has a sister named Katie.

Casval has a sister named Artesia.

Rex has a mother named Faith.

Umbra has a sister named Marie, who was reincarnated as Styx the Sableye.

Straw has a sister named  Nicole.

Every has cousins named None and Some, as well as a dad named Tyler.


Jane, Tagg, Luke, Tracer, Tangent, Silent, and Pentigan are all researchers with the PEFE (Luke and Pentigan acquiring the range during the story). Tangent is the head researcher or simply the PEFE Headmaster. Anom was a researcher as well, but he resigned.

Straw is a former Pokémon Ranger.

Luke is the canon protagonist of Heart Gold.

Gamer is the canon protagonist of Emerald.

DS is the canon protagonist of Platinum.

Star is a delivery girl.

Mezzo is training to become a Dark-type gym leader.

Casval is a former member of Team Plasma, specifically an ex-Shadow Triad.

Rex is an intern of Professor Elm.

Umbra is a High Priest of Giratina.

Pianis is a former gym trainer from the Snowpoint City gym.

Armband/Amulet Holders

There are certain armbands and special devices within the roleplay that allow for instant transformations.

Human to Pokemon: Tagg, Wolf (Currently in Crewe’s possession), Star (Currently in Ian’s possession).

Pokemon to Human: Pentigan (two), Wolf, Straw

Gender Bender Amulet: Pentigan.

Fused Armband: Pentigan.


Within this universe, special Attributes exist that are imbued within a tiny amount of the human and Pokémon population. They are known as Hearts of Gold, Souls of Silver, and Minds of Crystal. The main group is unusual because of the sheer number of people containing attributes within it.

The grouping of player characters is justified out-of-universe in that people with Attributes tend to attract others to their presence.

Hearts of Gold: Luke, Jane, Daisy, Meddler, Lake, Unite, Ho-oh, Pleo

Souls of Silver: Tagg, Fool, Crewe, Pentigan, Tracer, possibly Star, possibly Mezzo, Nadia, Muddy, Sunny, Lugia, Nix, possibly Aurora

Minds of Crystal: Anom, DS, Wolf, Slouch, Ribbons, possibly Straw

The Pokémon

A listing of all the Pokémon in a player’s team in the roleplay is available at the sibling WIP doc “Pokemon listing (latest update Feb 08 2012). To check by regional family listing, refer to one of the following links:






Anom used to use only Bug-type Pokémon. He has since expanded to other types.

Mezzo(piano) uses only Dark-type Pokémon.

Casval tends to use Pokémon with nonsensical attacks.

Mezzoforte trains a full Eeveelution team.

Pianissimo only uses Ice-type Pokemon.

For information about some specific Pokémon check out the wiki.

Starter Pokémon

Jane: Torchic♀

Anom: Yanmega♀ (Deceased) and Ariados♂ (Retired)

Tagg: Venusaur♂ (Semiretired)

Gamer: Evergreen (Sceptile♂) (Released)

Slouch: Riptide (Feraligatr♂)

Luke: Lake (Feraligatr♂)

DS: HotStuff (Infernape♀)

Pentigan: Susan (Lopunny♀)

Daisy: ?

Wolf: Ninetales♀

Crewe: Empoleon♂

Meddler: Violet (Swampert♀)

Fool: Michelle (Simipour♀)

A: Bisharp♂ (?)

Straw: Aurora (Espeon♀) and Crescent (Umbreon♂)

Tracer: Iggy (Blastoise♂)

Mezzo: Felis (Liepard♂)

Star: June (Typhlosion♀)

Casval: Quattro (Squirtle)

Every: Diesel (Kricketune♂)

Tangent: Basket (Tropius♀)

Silent: Inka (Nidorina) (retired)

Rex: Rascal (Flareon♂)

Ori: Mama (Alomomola♀)

Parisse: Grimlock (Tyranitar♂)

OuRex: Jasmine (Venusaur♀)

Umbra: Lumos (Chandelure♂)

49: Ember (Monferno♀)

Jeff: ?

Onion: Fido (Tyranitar♂)

NPCs’ starter Pokémon:

Miria: Tephros (Combusken♂)

Katie: Cayenne (Quliava♂)

Forte: Icicle (Glaceon♂)

Pianis: Yukikaze (Vanlluxe♂)

Kim: Blossom (Leafeon♀)

Faith: Joe (Hitmontop♂)

Lyra: Azul (Marill♂)

Amanita: Ares (Crobat♂)

Family / Friendship Relationships

Ren (Wolf's Snivy) is Rebecca (Jane's Serperior) and Antoine's (Jane's Scrafty) daughter.

Celestia (Luke's Volcarona) is the mother of Helios (Tagg's Volcarona) and Anom's Volcarona. Helios was fathered through Tagg’s Ditto.

Limna (Tagg's Combusken) is Flare (Luke's Blaziken) and Luke's Ditto's daughter. She also has some of Luke's Totodile DNA absorbed through his Ditto, making her a biological chimera.

Shahinne (Silent's Starly) is Roc (Tagg's Staraptor) and Tagg's Ditto's daughter. She is also the adoptive daughter of Harriet (Silent’s Honchkrow, formerly Luke’s) and Copahue (Silent’s Fearow).

Kessie (Wolf's Murkrow) is Hatbox (Fool's Honchkrow) and Jenny's (Wolf's Ditto) son.

Claudandus (Fool's Zoroark) is Zero (Straw's Zorua) and Jenny's (Wolf's Ditto) son.

Velvet (DS' Espeon) is the mother of Inferno (DS' Flareon), Snow White (DS' Glaceon) and Blitz (DS' Jolteon).

Crush (DS' Carracosta) and Queztal (Fool's Archeops) were friends in their past lives before they became fossilized.

Maekrite (Silent's Nidorino) is the eldest of 21 siblings children of Inka (Silent's Nidorina) and a wild Nidorino of name Baluarkos. Some of his siblings include Kinoa (Nidoran♀), Aldrio (Nidoran♂), Lapis (Nidorina), Lenia (Nidorina) and Acute (Nidorino), all of them wild Pokémon.

Icicle (Forte's Glaceon) is the father of Sunny (Mezzo's Umbreon), Shadow (Forte's Espeon), Fireball (Forte's Flareon), Electro (Forte's Jolteon), Marine (Forte's Vaporeon), and Leaflet (Forte's Leafeon). Shadow is the eldest sibling, followed by Fireball, Marine, Leaflet, Electro, and Sunny.

Odette (DS’ Ducklett) is Artemis (DS’ Liepard) and Mira’s (DS’ Mienshao) adoptive daughter.

Qui-Gon and Benny (Crewe and Meddler’s Boldore, respectively) are the sons of Audilith (Tagg’s Gigalith) and Tagg’s Vanilluxe.

Anom’s Beautifly and Dustox are sister and brother, respectively.

Aqua (Kim’s Eevee) and Pierce (Rex’s Eevee) are the children of Blossom (Kim’s Leafeon♀) and Rascal (Rex’s Flareon♂).

Gilgamesh (Umbra’s Larvitar) is the adoptive child of Jadis (Umbra’s Froslass).

Special Mechanics

This is a list of Moves and Abilities that either have special mechanics or learning conditions in this ‘verse, or are completely roleplay-original.


Roles Out of Training

Several Pokémon fulfill special functions and roles before or besides their training time, or are stated to be specific in-game event Pokémon within this continuity. Here sorted by species.


About the RP

For a summary of events in the RP thus far, see this compiled list (now modified to be more Internet Explorer friendly):

The Beginning and Battle atop Spear Pillar 

Glitch City and Super Contests

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and The Battle of Missingno

Starting Again and Virizion

(A Work in Progress)


The battle system is different than that of the games and in some ways closer to the anime. A not-exactly-turn based model is followed in official competition.

Unlike in the main games, Pokémon can eventually learn any move within their movepool and current level (if you’re using it), but are limited to only using four different moves in an official battle.They are not limited by generational availability of TMs and tutors either, so it is possible, albeit rare due to them being phased out of existence, for a Pokémon to know a G1 or G2 TM , and perfectly possible for them to have Tutor Moves from different generations.

This changes the utility, approachability and workings of techniques such as Mimic, Imprison or Assist to an important degree.

Moves of the “Status” category that have the user/caster change their own state (“status buffs”) can be chained onto an attack move. Thus Swords Dance or Bulk Up, but not Glare or Sand Attack, can be chained into Aerial Ace or Bone Rush.

The section “Special Mechanics” describes moves that work in different ways than the manga/anime, as well as original moves. Unless stated otherwise, all moves follow mechanics based on the Generation 5 mechanics in terms of relative power, targeting and area of effect.


We Are All Pokémon Trainers” takes place in a variant of the Pokémon world that takes elements from diverse continuities, and then some. Regions present include but are not limited to the five main regions, the Ranger Regions, the Orange Islands, Orre and Holon. A region similar to the Yakutia/Sakha in Russia is also hinted to exist as in the games.

As a general convention, the regions undergo the calendar and weather season of the Northern Hemisphere at the time, and use a floating timezone that mostly simply distinguishes day and night.

The large ocean that contains the Hoenn mainland and islands, as well as the Sevii and Orange Archipelagos, is dubbed “Sea of Kyogre”. Johto and Kanto are sometimes referred to by their joint name of Kanjoh. As of Jan 2011, the current situation of the location in Unova of Black City and White Forest is a bit iffy, with references to “Gray Ruins”.

Non-canon regions are hinted to exist depending on design and development. At the time of the Hoenn Arc, these include:

Since the RP is not subjected to the Law of Conservation of Detail, cities and landmarks are much larger and more complete than as featured in the games (check the Trivia section for info on specific landmarks).

This RP doubles as a fluff and test ground for PEFE (The Pokédex Extended Fanon Edition), in a sort of Shared Universe. This continuity’s incarnation of PEFE was founded by Tangent, Tagg, Tracer and Silent about four years previous to the Gold Conference Acr (ie.: in 2007 in-universe time), taking its current identity and power after a takeover of the assets of a Mega Corp by the name of Pokefutures, Inc., which was behind numerous ethics violations in the Angela Region.

Conveniently Sorted Data Per Region:






Sevii and Orange Islands




Legendary Affiliations and Chosen Ones

The Dream World

Origin and History of the Dream World:

To be completed.

Dream World Awareness:

A Dream World born Pokémon can choose to “awake” a natural Pokémon into the Dream World. In order to do so, the Dream World Pokémon locates the “dream island” of the natural and awakens him there (the natural is still asleep in the Physical World). An awakened Pokémon can thus access the Dream World by sleeping in the Physical World and viceversa. The effect is contagious – an awakened Pokémon can awaken other naturals in the same manner.

Dead Pokémon can be communicated with within the Dream World, though they are just a simulacrum of the real thing, not unlike a Jedi Holocron. They can also be brought back as either a Ghost Pokémon or by being reincarnated through completing a gauntlet of tests.

To be completed

Important NPCs and their Handlers

There are non-player characters directly tied to some players. They can be canon characters “guest starring” or original characters created for the RP as alternate facets for players to play as.  These characters are usually considered reserved. If for some reason you want to integrate them in your storyline or RC them the safest way to go is to ask their handler first.

(note: this information will eventually be moved to the wiki)

Katie : Bad Wolf 21

Ho-Oh / Nix (“Ho-Oh Junior♀”) : Luke

Palkia : DarkerShining

Groudon : rmctagg09

Magikarp Salesman : Anom

Steven Stone: Bad Wolf 21

Glitch Nidorino: Silent Reverence

Aqua Admin Ryklys: Tangent 128

Magma Admin Vilkas: MemyselfandI2

Magma Commander Lugaid: Silent Reverence

Ozone Commander Jet: Straw

Gym Leaders and other similar NPC such as Elite Four Members, etc., are usually available for handling on a on-demand basis; in particular if you want to have a battle against them, in which case you can ask another player to play them or, worst case scenario, play both roles yourself. It is better to ask before though, because sometimes Gym Leaders can be sucked into temporary plots.

Some specific notes on interpretation of different Gym Leaders:



Lt. Surge:



Janine: has a rivalry with Falkner.


Blue: Leader of Viridian City Gym. Team included a reluctant Pidgeot who hates closed spaces, a Zen Gardener Tyranitar, an Exeggutor with the mentality of Gary’s cheerleaders in the anime and temporarily an Eltenios expy Arcanine.

Falkner: has a rivalry with Janine.

Bugsy: spent some time as a girl due to reality-warping phone calls.






Fantina: participates in contests and appreciates Worthy Opponents. Is found of finisher moves for contests because of the appeal shock. Pokémon include a Drifblim♂, Mismagius, Haunter♀ and Duskull♀, not nicknamed.

Crasher Wake: More properly CRASHER WAKE!!!. Team includes Floatzel, a stoic Gyarados named Mr. Fish, a masked luchador Ludicolo named El Santo and a “hidden depths” derpy Quagsire named Billy.

Wallace: Currently the Hoenn Champion, as Steven is a player NPC. Is affable but tormented because he is assaulted by advertising companies for contests. Team includes a Milotic♂, a Sealeo♂ named Françoise (as in the manga) and a Luvdisc.


Giovanni: Arrested during the Golden Conference. Whereabouts reserved.

Archie: Is alive in the original timeline, arrested by Jet; died from drowning during Kyogre’s rampage in AU Hoenn.

Maxie: Alive in the original timeline, arrested by Jet.

Charon: arrested during the confrontation at Mt. Pyre.

Cyrus: Encased in a timespace loop courtesy of Giratina the First after the AU Arc.

Ghetsis: Currently in prison.

Missingno: Glitch Pokémon, destroyed.

‘M: Glitch Pokémon, destroyed.

Ein: Currently in prison.

Ardos: Still at large.

Suefisk: Execrated. May be still alive, but sealed.

Magikarp Salesman: Currently inactive. Has gained funds from selling Magikarp and serpentine submersible vehicles.

Napoleon: Devoured by Scolipede’s Hydreigon in the AU and had his soul mauled by Midori Room Pokemon; non-hostile in the OT.

Ferno the Charizardδ: Stuck in a cave with his mom.

Meme the Smeargle: Imprisoned at Navel Rock with the local branch of the Smeargle Mafia.

Family of Blood (a.k.a. the Smeargle Mafia): several elements still at large.

Ozone Commander Jet: May be dead, or imprisoned.

Sinnoh Obscura Wizard: still at large.

Obscura Wizard: Still at large.

Official Couples

 (Put a link to the post where a relationship started and ended)


Mezzo/Every (Mezzery)

Lake/Nadia (BlueFiendShipping)

Tagg/Fool (NatureShipping)


Susan/Wolf’s Latias



Unite/Woolly (CarefulShipping)


Wulfric/Flare (Purpleshipping)


Sunny/Kensei (Kenny)


Harriet/Copahue (Coparriet)


Shipping Fics Authored by Sunny

Sunny (Mezzo’s Umbreon) writes shipping fanfic about the members of the group.

Moved to: "Sunny's_Works"

Hoenn’s Trendy Phrase

Trivia / Meta

Franchise References

Some videogame / service franchises or brand names go in the RP by very particular Lawyer Friendly names.

Moved to: "Brand_Names"

Videogame Mini-arc Runs

Videogames that Giratina the First has Mixed with the RP-verse

Wolf’s Orange Islands Chain Trade Sequence

During the Orange Islands arc, Wolf is forced into a situation to recover his equipment and his Pokémon. He’s given the Hero’s Clothes, turned into a Medium-Aware HeroicMime, and followed by Sunny who acts as the resident ExpositionFairy.

  1. (Unknown)
  2. Trades [Seashell] for [Balloon Animal] with Every (#94185).
  3. Trades [Balloon Animal] for [Ice Sculpture] with Tangent and Basket (#94241).
  4. [Ice Sculpture] melts and becomes [Bottled Water].
  5. Trades [Bottled Water] for [Stomach Medicine] with Pentigan (#94432).
  6. Trades [Stomach Medicine] for [Silver Wing] with Luke and Pleo (#94526).
  7. A scripted event opens a Doll Store thanks to the [Silver Wing].
  8. Trades [Currency] for a [Larvitar Doll] (#94548).
  9. Trades [Larvitar Doll] for a [Plasma Propeller] with a Man with Skitty at Moro (#94824).
  10. Trades [Plasma Propeller] for [Some Gears and Such] with Pentigan (#95225).
  11. Trades [Some Gears and Such] for [Treasure Map] with Tagg (#95351).
  12. Trades [Treasure Map] for [Mystery Gift Box] with Slouch and his Delibird (#95914).
  13. Trades [Mystery Gift Box] for [Fellstalk Seeds] with Pentigan, a gift for Daisy (#96154).
  14. Trades [Fellstalk Seeds] for [Weather Vane] and [Fruit Basket] with Barley the Tropius (#96572).
  15. Trades [Weather Vane] for a [Borked Pendant] and a [Pretty Stone] with Silent (#96909).
  16. Trades the [Borked Pendant] and a [Pretty Stone] for a [Luminous Orb] with DS (#97628).
  17. Trades the [Luminous Orb] for the [Triforce] with Mezzopiano (#97812).
  18. Uses the [Triforce] to access the Sky Temple (#98145).
  19. (Unknown)

The Mindscapes

To be completed

Behind the Names

List in progress of meanings behind the particular names of some Pokémon:











Miscellaneous Facts

( About the Trainers and General RP Universe that don’t fit into the other categories)


Known Methods of Communication with Pokémon

Differences Between the Original and Alternate Universes