What is your culture?

What is culture? Defining culture is a way of establishing differences between societal groups. Of course, cultures overlap. Each individual lives their own life according to cultural norms that may be chosen consciously or taught by society unconsciously. People learn a culture from family and society. Individuals made their own choices about which groups to belong to.

Define yourself. Where do you come from? Answer the following questions. Find out from relatives what you might not know.

Genealogy:                 What is your family history? Describe your family roots and ancestry.

Place:                        Where were you born? Where have you lived? Where do you live now?

Race:                         What is your genetic ethnicity?

Religion:                 How do you answer questions of belief?

Values:                 What laws and morals do you abide by?

Gender:                 Are you male or female? What roles do you play due to your gender?

Language:                 What language do you speak, read, and write? Do you speak more than one?

Customs:                 Describe your mode of dress, the kinds of food you eat, and any other customs.


Traditions:                 What holidays, events, and rituals do you celebrate?

Arts and Recreation:         How you are entertained? What games or sports or pastimes do you play?

On a separate piece of paper, answer the next questions in general, referring to any of the above answers as specific support.