Synodically Authorized Worshiping Community

Abiding Grace Lutheran Chapel

Steering Committee

June 21, 2010


Attendees:  Phil and Sally Hart, Dee Rose, Jeff and Dianna Trang, Patti Langsdale, Carl Christensen, Kenn Mingus, John Nelson

Note taker: Kim Saunders

John opened in prayer.

The first thing we needed to do is pick a name so that an EIN can be obtained and then a bank account.

In picking a name, we decided not to go with something old fashioned.  Patti had compiled a long list.  Patti also asked what our mission would be -- do things the ways things have always been done or open our doors to all.  She also mentioned that she wants the new chapel to be about service.  Phil agreed that it would be unfair to not have an ELCA church in this area, and we need to be reaching out to others.  Sally added some names that she thought of and had researched.  Dee also had some names to add.  Some names won't work if there is a duplicate in the area.  Some discussion was on how we differ with LWLC/Eibel.  It is because God's grace is most important to us; therefore, we want Grace in the name.  John mentioned that the name must also resonate with people that haven't gone through what we have (with LWLC).  Abiding means continue without change, steadfast, unending and imperishable, enduring.  We decided on our name as Abiding Grace Lutheran Chapel.

We also mentioned in the first meeting that we need a treasurer.  Phil asked Nolan Clemens if he would be the treasurer and Lynette Clemens would be our financial secretary.  They agreed.

We also discussed how much money we will need to pay a pastor, rent space, support the NTNL and how we get money ahead of time.  Pastor Kvanli had suggested that we do anonymous "pledge" cards.  We could email a form and ask them to mail it back without a return address.  The pastor will cost $250 a day plus expenses (2 days a week).  Rental space could be about $150 or more per week.  Other expenses could include cell phone for pastor $50, miscellaneous expenses.  We probably need about $1000-$1500 a week plus 15% pledge to NTNL.

Sally checked schools and they run $260-$360 per week.  Dee suggested Holy Family Catholic School and will check on that.  

Kenn, Carl, and Phil met with Pastor Justin Kvanli (Kwan-lee).  Kenn said that he hasn't had a church for about 3.5 years.  He was at Grace in Carrollton, went through a  divorce, felt overwhelmed, and left the church.  He is now remarried and is a stay-at-home dad of a one-year-old child.  They reported that when they talked to him, there was excitement in his voice.  Justin made it clear that he doesn't want to be our long-term pastor but would commit to 6 months.  His theology is solid Lutheran -- he graduated from Luther Seminary, did an internship at Gustavus College, and has served in N. Dakota and Minnesota.  He is in his mid 40's but looks younger.  He is committed to only have one spouse working and that is one reason he doesn't want this to be long term.  Some of his strengths are connecting with people, preaching, and teaching.  Phil mentioned that he thought he was solidly academic and that one of his strengths is theology.  Kenn said that he talked a lot about grace -- very solid Lutheranism.  He does not like legalism.  Phil asked was he thought about the vote at the CWA, he would have voted yes, but not left if the vote had be no.  He thinks other issues are more important to focus on.  He believes that evangelism is the members' responsibility as we move to mission status.

John mentioned that he was concerned about the six month commitment.  Phil said that it could be a good or bad thing.  It enables us to get going.  Although he was willing to make a 6 month commitment, he didn't say he wouldn't stay longer.  He is currently going through some discernment as to his future.  He would not be available until July 18.  Patti asked if he is our only option and Phil said that he is the only one that they have met with.  The bishop said that he was well loved by his members.  He was able to make a personal connection with the group that met with him.

Kenn is going to check with Bp Kevin to see if there are other possibilities.  Phil thinks we would like what he preaches and his adult Sunday School.  Before he talked about himself, he asked about how the group was doing.  

Carl was also favorably impressed with Justin.  If someone off the street walked in, he thinks they would be favorably impressed with his appearance, his welcoming, and his message.  He is very welcoming, but he doesn't like knocking on doors.

Jeff shared some of Patti's concerns but then perhaps six months is a good time to get our feet wet.  Maybe we can meet with him as a group.

John is going to work on a stewardship process.

Kenn will ask the Bishop what our options are if we say no or he says no to this position.

During this six months, we will decide what the mission is – and what we want to tell the community we are.  We don’t want to be "LWLC in exile".  

John pointed out that we can’t afford a lot of commitment from a pastor.

Meeting Place

Bessie Mitchell – can’t have music in there.  They had a church in there and they asked them to leave because it disturbed the people enjoying the Botanical Garden.  

Merlot room is out due to sleeping firemen next door.

Sally is going to call Cross Timbers winery and Delaney winery.

Dee is going to check into a wedding chapel in Trophy Club.  She will also check into the old Clariden school.  

Sally is going to check on 1970 Dove – currently used by an acting school  but used to be a church.

Carroll Baptist had looked for a church tenant on Sunday afternoon – but we want morning.

Community room at Stacy’s – Patti will check.  (Update -- not available until noon when the store opens)

The Southlake rooms have to be city business and non profit.  

Carroll HS on White Chapel would be about $340 a week, using the Student Activity Center.  

Lancaster Theatre was $590

Carl will check on the Jewish Synogogue in Colleyville.

There is also a small church building on Hall Johnson.

Next meeting Thursday July 8th at 7:00

Send update to the big group -- Kim

Closed at 8:35 with circle prayer.   (followed by wonderful fellowship)